Lovely blog. POT is one of my fav things to do to a boy too. If he is ticklish it goes wonderfully with POT. I like to use it with t&d to start with, stopping the attention on his cock before he cums, and instead delivering the awful, feeling of tickling elsewhere. After repeating that until you feel kind enough to let him cum absolutely destroy his head with POT then when he thinks its all over, attack his most sensitive tickle spots which by this point are WAY more sensitive. bondage is key!

You’re not kidding, bondage or hospital given how my husband struggled the time I tickled him. After I untied him he then put me over his lap and spanked me saying ‘never tickle me again!’. 

Hmmm, now I think about it I really should do that again…

But yes, ladies, don’t try post orgasm torture (POT) unless your fella is really well secured!

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