I saw this today and thought it was a really hot caption to do with the quite complex but fun area of cock size teasing. On the same Tumblr I then found a link to an interesting article about small penis ‘teasing’ vs ‘humiliation’. This bit stuck out:

“I found this amazing female sexual therapist and went through my whole sexual history with her. When I explained that I was confused about why I had gotten an immediate erection when my wife acknowledged that I was small, she said something to me that was very profound and the light bulb went on. She said, “It arouses you because you’re eroticizing what has always been a negative feeling for you.” I had never thought of it in that way before, but it was very true. She continued by saying, “Steve, what you want is for your wife to acknowledge your internal truth and by her doing so, it will also demonstrate her acceptance of your small penis.” She was right on again, so, when I conveyed all of this to my wife, the small penis “teasing” began. Yes, I do enjoy it, and she never does it in a “humiliating” way, just a little teasing, and she’s always very happy with my reaction, so we just have a lot of fun with it. If you haven’t read her article about her feelings about this subject I would encourage you to read it. She is very creative – much like the intent of the image above.

So how would I define small penis teasing? That’s a good question. This probably isn’t the perfect definition, but is certainly a much more moderate definition than SPH.“Small penis teasing is defined as a man who gains sexual arousal when his wife makes frequent honest comments about the small size of his penis (length and/or girth), and being compared to her dildos or other men who are better-endowed, and his need to compensate for his penis size by being sexually creative.”  This probably isn’t a perfect definition but is a start.”

Source: https://goo.gl/1ynqXk

He does then go on to say cages count as humiliation not teasing but I’m going to disagree there, he clearly hasn’t seen how much fun we have with it 😛 But yeah, that blog seems to cover everything you could ever want to discuss about it (says the woman who runs a cock cage tumblr…)

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