Month: January 2016


International Male Chastity Day: show your husband who really owns that cock!


Doing my part to promote 2016 International Male Chastity Day.

Maybe also hoping that my wife will find this and pursue the idea with me.

LOL this is great! I guess it’s this date BECAUSE it’s a month till Valentine’s Day – interesting!

Apparently today is Male Chastity Day! This is news to me but any excuse, right?

Happy Chastity Day to all my followers! I’ll see if I can think of something to celebrate it later. In the meantime, time to get hubby back in his cage!

I love this. You just know where his mouth is right now!

Continuing the theme – if you wondered why I recommend you tie your guy up before you try post orgasm torture, watch this amazing vid! You can skip to about ten mins in for the actual cumming, but wow… even though he’s all bound up (isn’t he going boil wrapped up like that?!) he still jumps around like a red snake on a hot tin roof!

The full vid:

Now where did I put that clingfilm…

I haven’t actually ever ‘milked him dry’ until nothing comes out when he orgasms… interesting. I wonder if an hour is long enough, I wonder how many times he’d need to climax to achieve that, I wonder if it’s just as effective if each one is ruined.
Lots of questions. I think it’s time to get some answers!