Month: June 2016


It really is a mesmerizing moment when they turn into little fountains like that.  I totally get her facial expression.  And love the fact that his cum is about to be lube to torture an overly sensitive penis!

Alice had her friends over for coffee when the conversation turned to sex. In a moment of unusual openness she mentioned how much fun she’d been having recently ruining her husband’s orgasms.

Her friends were instantly fascinated, they’d not heard of this before. She explained how it gave him a little release but kept him horny and attentive, an idea they could all understand. But, how was it done, they asked?

‘Hubby’s working at home today, give me a minute and I can show you!’

I’ll never be able to look at the Simpsons the same way again!!!

She makes a good point though!



I love it! Although also fun now is live ‘casting’ the camera from our phone to the TV! I like that as I don’t have the worry of a recording appearing on ‘the cloud’. Watching yourself give a blowjob is really hot.

Public Service Announcement


You think it was wrong for me to make you wait six months for an orgasm and then ruin it?

It doesn’t matter what you think.

All that matters is what I decide.

Hi! Your blog is great. I’m into chastity and have recently revealed this to my wife. I’m very active and run regularly but really want to find a cage that I can feel sure isn’t going to make me have to stop a run mid way thru because it’s rubbing me raw. Have you read any reviews by runners or other active people with a recommendation?

I haven’t particularly but hubby is the one who did much more research. He said that any well fitted cage should do but you’ll be better off with a solid ring device such as the expensive ‘Jailbird’ ones or the cheaper chinese types such as the one my hubby wears I wrote about the other day.…