Exciting to hear that you’re experimenting with longer periods of chastity now! So how many days has it been – and what’s the longest you’ve tried? Love the blog – you’re a great writer!

Aww thank you! I really do appreciate that. I write these really fast (I talk really fast too lol) so excuse any mistakes!

We started last Saturday, so that would make today day 11 I guess (maths is not my strong point 😛 ) And yes this is the longest ever for us. We use it quite often but in short bursts usually. So yeah it kind of happened by accident, he asked when he was going to be let out, and I said, ‘I don’t know, I quite like the idea of keeping you in for longer and not telling you’

‘How long?!’

‘I don’t know, I want to see how desperate you get’ I replied, grinning

‘God that’s so hot’ he replied, his cock straining at the cage.

And that was it! And here we are!

It’s interesting because it’s already become kind of normal, maybe we’ve been lucky but besides a bit of soreness for a couple of days the cheap cage we got fits him really well.

But, here’s the problem, I want his cock back! Yes, I get him out, and yes I suck and fuck him, but it’s weird, perhaps because he’s the dominant one of the two of us I guess it’s never going to feel like I want him in it for too long as at some level it definitely holds that back. So while I love having him in the cage, and I love the effects – much more sex in general, more cuddling and intimacy, the feeling of teasing him, the idea of laying claim to him, plus the fact he can’t watch porn etc without me without it hurting… oh and of course, the leap in oral sex I get, despite all that I still want him out of it.

So I think I’ll probably let him out soon but I might try what other things suggest, which is make him promise to let me look him up again when I want in the future to earn his release and orgasm, as there’s a few things I really want to try, just out of curiousity, stuff like:

  • Edging him way more, like four or five times a day, and then locking him up, and just seeing how long it takes him to go crazy for me
  • Locking him up and not letting him out at all, for maybe a week, again, just to see the effects, and make him totally focus on me
  • Making him cum in the cage
  • Playing some kind of game of chance (this was his idea) where we bet higher and higher numbers of days without cumming, and then a final toss of the coin decides which of us is denied

The thing is I do deny and tease him when he’s not caged but it doesn’t last long because he is the dominant one, I’m naturally submissive. So for us the cage is SO good (I’m only just figuring this out as I say it…) because the cage LEVELS the playing field. Hmm, that’s a really interesting thought. I’m going to have to write more about that. I think I just figured out why we like the cage!

Thanks for the question!!!! I think it prompted a new revelation!

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