Cage upgrade!

Well, not really an upgrade but finally our cheap chinese CB6000s cage broke (which was quite funny, for me, for hubby it involved pinched skin, he was not happy I was laughing so much!). 

The cage has fitted him so well and we’ve got so much use out of it that we decided to invest in the real thing. Lovehoney have an offer on at the moment where you get a cute little storage bag, extra plastic locks and cleaning stuff, all of which was great, so we went for it.

Here’s the cage with the special offer if you’re interested – yep, hubby is in the small one – you can find the big one on the link below I’m sure. But the recommendation everywhere seems to be, if you can go small then do! 

I certainly think it’s hotter for him to be squeezed tight in it and hardly be able to get hard at all. Yummy!

I hadn’t actually looked at their whole range of cages before, I quite fancy a metal one and I’ve had several messages recommending them. If anyone has any advice I’d love to hear! Post it as a note here, it’ll be interesting to find out.

Here’s the page with all their cages

The amazing thing with Lovehoney and why I recommend them so much is that they offer a year’s return on anything you buy from them, EVEN WHEN YOU’VE USED IT! Isn’t that amazing! Honestly we’ve only ever taken them up on it once but if you’re curious about caging then just go for it, and if you find it’s no good for you then you can just send it back and get all your money back. Genius!

In fact, I’ve just realised I can do that with a few of the metal cages!!!!

Hubby’s so fucked, mwahhahaha!


Oh look I added a banner, clever me!

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