It appears you have only had this site running for a few months, but the way you answer questions and the things you discuss on it make me feel like you have been keeping your husband chaste for more time than that. Can you tell us if you were doing this prior to starting this blog? If not, then how did you reach the level of experience you appear to be at so quickly?

Oh thank you, that’s so sweet of you! We have only been doing it a bit longer – we both love sex toys and one day early this year, hubby, a bit nervously, showed me a cock cage on ebay and said ‘It’s pretty cheap, might be a laugh, what do you think?’

I really wasn’t sure at first but honestly we’ve done kinkier things than that, lol, so said yes. I guess my hesitation was that he’s the dominant one and I didn’t really see how it fitted with that. 

But anyway, it arrived, it looked cute, he messed around with it for a few days seeing what it was like to wear the different sizes for short periods of time. Then one night he said, ‘fancy seeing what it’s like to lock me up during the day tomorrow?’ and that was how we got started!

I think in regards to how we’ve got ‘experienced’ so quickly the key to this is that he’s actually very in control of it, and he’s amazing at teaching me. Also this is pretty simple, we are NOT wanting a Female Led Relationship which lots of guys into chastity are looking for. That’s a different ballgame. All we’re doing is enjoying the extra twist a cage puts on the dynamic.

We’ve been into denial play for a long time. Even before we were married hubby introduced it as a way to make me hornier and hornier (he’s a cunning bastard lol) and he took control of all that very early. One of his favourite things is to keep me horny and desperate and thinking about him, and we would jointly deny each other in the past too, although the focus was usually me because that’s how we’re wired.

So I guess we’ve taken that experience of denial and just added the cage for fun, so maybe that’s why we’ve taken to it so easily?

I think a big issue is that most guys who are into this have crazy expectations of what their other half will want from it. It’s a huge leap from playing with a cock cage to your wife or gf becoming your domme. I think most women are like me and just aren’t wired that way. Maybe I’ll write some more some time on how I think guys could smoothly get their other halves to explore this. Happy to answer questions on it!

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