We tried doing lots of edges recently but couldn’t really keep going after the first couple. Any suggestions?

Oh this is a very good question and yes, don’t worry, we’ve had exactly this and there’s quite a few things you can do about it.

  1. Firstly the problem may be you’re trying to get him too close each time, this takes a LONG time to learn how to do without making him go over the edge so don’t worry about getting him super close to the edge, just take it as far as you want to. If you get super close sometimes I find that his body kind of acts like he’s cum and he can’t get hard again. That happens much less nowadays but did when we started, so just have fun practicing!
  2. You’re probably not talking enough! Despite all we hear the biggest thing to get him hard is not about it feeling good,but it’s about his mind. So saying hot things to him is the key to getting him hard again after a few edges I found. Things I say include:
  • fantasies that I know are his favourites
  • making him tell me hot things (see my interrogation ideas)
  • talking about him fucking my arse usualy gets him excited, so for you anything that he likes to hear you talking about
  • being mean – so saying stuff like ‘if you can’t get it up I’ll just lock you back in your cage’, or ‘if you don’t get hard I’m going to lock you up wihout release for a whole week, ‘maybe your cock doesn’t want pleasure, but pain, shall I get the menthol rub?’, ‘your little cock isn’t working, so show me what you can do with your mouth’, all those often work wonders!

3. Next you might try doing that last idea, making him go down on you, or sitting on his face. Seriously, rather than worrying he’s not getting hard just enjoy him giving you some pleasure, he will love that, and may well get hard from it. Try a tight cock ring around him too as he does it (if you can’t be bothered to cage him up properly or want him accessible) as it’ll make him feel constricted.

4. Even more than just takign pleasure I have put the strap on on him at these points and ridden it, only him not in the cage. This once led to the sexiest result of him getting hard and actually pushing in my bum so I got my first double penetration! I really need to do that again now I think about it lol

5. You could try porn, I occasionally really enjoy wanking him while porn is playing, as I’ve said. I don’t know why, if we weren’t both really horny I wouldn’t but there’s something incredibly hot about giving him that treat knowing that nowadays he only watches it when I let him like that. I guess it feels like I’ve taken control of something he did a lot without me before. I don’t know.

However I’ve once or twice done an evil twist in this situation, which is offer to let him watch porn if we’ve edged a few times and he can’t do any morebut I want to, BUT, after I’ve got it set up before I press play I said, ‘If you get hard watching this when you wouldn’t with me, I’m going to torture your cock’. First time he did get hard so I mixed some lube and menthol rub and wanked him with that, which was very funny. The second time, impressively, he didn’t, and so I rewarded him by playing with him and so he did get hard and I let him watch it.

6.Make him wait – we have kids so dont’ have huge amounts of time during the day but I guess if you don’t you could just leave him tied up and go off and do stuff leavnign him wondering if you were coming back. That would be kinda hot.

7. Don’t worry about it – if he can only do two edges that’s fine, don’t feel disappointed, ulitmately guys weren’t built to keep being teased without release. He’ll learn over time to do do more. We still have days like that but mostly we can do 6 or 7 edges before I lock him up again. It’s not some competition though, just have fun!

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