Month: September 2015

We’ve not tried this, I’ve touched by vibe to his cage but I’m not sure it would make him cum, I’ll have to try! and ruin it of course 😀

It really has worked to ‘free up the deepest parts of my sexuality’ with my hubby, which is quite surprising, but we’re both loving it. 

(And yikes those are quite the pair of boobs!)

This is so true, I’ve never had so much oral sex until we started caging him up. At first felt guilty about it but he kept telling me that it was hot to be made to go down on me and just focus on my pleasure, not even knowing if he’ll get any. So I’ve taken him at his word and tell him I want him to lick me all the time now, it’s amazing!

He will tell you if he doesn’t want to, he’ll tell you if his tongue is tired, stop making excuses that don’t exist. He gets aroused by you being horny, wanting pleasure, and telling him you want it.

So try it, ‘I’m horny honey, come and lick me’ – he will love it!

And for some reason he tells me it’s really hot if I do something else sometimes, like read a book, or watch a movie (I already mentioned how me watching porn he can’t see while he does this drives him CRAZY! lol), so try those too!

Just be aware he’ll slowly be able to go longer and longer, if he’s new to it five or ten minutes is all he’ll be able to do before he needs to use fingers or a toy. Nowadays hubby goes down on me for half an hour or more and I cum a few times at least.

This is how we’re playing it now, it’s very sexy. I’m not sure what a ‘conditional unlock is’ but it inspires me to think of the idea of unlocking him once he’s restrained, and edging him for ages, promising him his long awaited orgasm. But then, right on the edge, saying something like, ‘Actually darling, I’ve enjoyed this so much, I want you in for longer. So, if you want to cum then I want you to ask me to lock you up for another two weeks, and if you don’t want to cum then I’ll just lock you up again with no orgasm, until you change your mind’

We’ve been experimenting the last few weeks with keeping him in the cage a bit longer – basically because I wanted to see the effects. Till now a lot of the ideas really came from him but I’m starting to take the lead in some of this, which seems to really excite him, and make him nervous! lol I think he should be 🙂 I like this idea of him ‘really wanting out’ and that takes more than 2-3 days. Right now we’re in our first period where he has no idea when I’m going to let him out and it’s a huge turn on for us both xxx

I like the attitude in this – and he WANTS to be frustrated, it’s so hot!

My boyfriend seems to have a lovehate thing with the idea of me making him swallow his cum, but I LOVE the idea. Got any tips on how to get him to do it?

Hiya, yeah hubby’s the same, he talks about it sometimes when I’m edging him and I feel how hard his cock gets but it really doesn’t turn him on when he’s not very horny (although I don’t think the idea repels him like it seems to some guys). Anyway, this is what I did, because…

You talked about watching porn together while he’s caged. Love this idea! Looked at the x-art and didn’t like much of it tho, any other recommendations? Thanks!

Thanks, I love questions like this. I just looked at x-art too and you’re right, the stuff on their website doesn’t look nearly as nice as the older stuff hubby found for me. has a ‘female friendly’ category but just checked that and didn’t think it was great either. Why not start with tumblr, something…

I really liked the interrogation idea but found it hard to think of good questions. Have you got any other suggestions of things to ask? Thank you, love the blog!!!!!!!

Oh nice question, that was one of my first posts I think! Okay, here are some off the top of my head. Just to refresh, you do this when he’s quite restrained, it seems to add to the experience, and most important is that you’re stimulating him, he should be near the edge the whole…