Does your hubby enjoy anal play (receiving end)? I’m considering surprising my hubby with a butt plug, but I’m not sure how it’ll go while he’s caged.

It goes really well! Unlike us, men actually have the prostate up there and so with some practise, most of them can even cum from the right stimulation up their bum! 

You have to get one that fits well though. Not too thin or it feels like it’s slipping out all the time.

We have a whole variety but here’s a link to our favourite ones on Lovehoney:

Rollplay Butt Plug

They have a 2 for $30 or 2 for £15 on them at the moment so maybe use that to get a couple and try them out.

Remember they definitely take time to get used to. Use lots of lube, don’t wear them for too long.

Hubby introduced me to them early on in our marriage and honestly I didn’t like them at first, but after a while I came to LOVE wearing them, and even now, if I’m feeling a bit naughty, just put one in and wander around with it secretly in me! The one above had a ball that silently rolls around inside when you move. So much fun!

Which gives me an idea, why not REALLY surprise him, and get one each!

But yes, we love them. I say for him it acts like a fast forward on his horniness, being caged AND having his prostrate rubbed all day makes him go crazy! yum yum!

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