So we recently started with silicon plugs (roll play from love honey) because the metal ones got too uncomfortable after some time. But now we got the problem that the silicon ones “smell” after wearing it for a while, even washing it with soap and water doesn’t help. Do you have any tips what to do?

I do! We had the same issue and hubby found the answer. 

What happens is good quality silicone toys actually leak a little silicone oil – it’s part of why they feel so smooth, but that can pick up scents. Water and soap don’t affect the silicone oil, it’s waterproof – which is why it’s such a great lube, BUT what does affect it is acetone! Yep, some simple acetone nail polish remover dabbed on a wipe and rubbed over the toy takes the smell right away! Give it a wash with water afterwards and they are good as new!

The sex toy cleaner sprays also work reasonably well but I’ve found the nail polish works best for this particular use.

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