Hi. Have you planning to make Locktober againd this year?. I talk to my Wife, and we are going to try it. But i have a doubt about cleaning problems. The device it’s a CB6000S and after 3 days of use, i need to remove it for deep cleaning because it starts to smell bad. Do you consider it’s “legal” to remove the device every 3 or 4 day. Or it’s againt the spirit of LOCKtober?

I absolutely am, working hard on it this week. Well done for talking to her about it.

The plastic ones do get smelly, I don’t think there’s a good way of cleaning thoroughly as far as I can see, and it being smelly is a huge turn off, so yes absolutely. 

Your best bet is to go for a nice metal one, you can find them easily on Amazon now

Amazon Chastity Device selection

And have a look at our reviews, which are a bit out of date now, we should add some more! Although the ones we recommend are still our favourites.


But otherwise, no, it’s not just ‘legal’ it’s necessary to keep it nice and clean and smelling nice. Hubby won’t even get an edge unless he’s showered first and either given it a good soap and spray out or taken it off just before he showers and then comes straight to me.

Jane xxx

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