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Hi Jane. I am becoming a big fan of your blog. It is hot, and you are a very kinky lady. Lucky husband. A couple of questions, if you don’t mind? Do you ever attach a chain or lead to his cage and lead him around by it? And do you like applying gags and blindfolds to your husband? Thanks.

Thank you, and I think I’m a very lucky wife too! I don’t attach a chain to his cage although the image is quite amusing. But I know he’d just give me a ‘Are you shitting me?’ look! Gags and blindfolds are a different matter though. I love blindfolding him sometimes (it’s most amusing when I’ve…

Oh oh oh! Unless my eyes deceive me she’s wearing our favourite dildo on that strap on – the King Cock Extra Girthy. I honestly cannot recommend it enough – for more info read ‘Why I love our strap on’ 

Plus, spoilers…if you’re really enjoying Locktober you’re going to want to get these for later in the month!