***Step 2***

He will wake up hornier than ever today. Play with him a little, but be careful not to bring him over the edge. One if not both of you will probably have to get ready for work, so make it hot and make it quick. Right when it’s getting good let go (this is called edging and you are going to get good at it… I’ll post more about it later). Remind him about your agreement, he will have to work for it. But if he is really good MAYBE you will let him finish tonight. Don’t worry about all of his moaning and whining, he doesn’t know it yet but you are setting him up for the greatest orgasm he has ever had in his life. Take note of a few things today. Notice how much he will do to please you. He will be nicer to you, he will massage you, he will clean up, do laundry, text you all day, and when he sees you he won’t be able to take his hands off of you. He will treat you like the Queen that you are.

Tonight is simple, you cum first. Whatever you want, he will do… Promise. Anything you ever wanted to try, he’ll be up for it. Do you want your hair pulled, toys, rough, romantic, foot rubs? Whatever you want he’ll be glad to oblige. Then it’s his turn… Or is it? That is totally up to you. Has he been good? Really good? If so you can reward him… If not, don’t give in. If he hasn’t done everything you asked for, make him wait another day. Don’t feel bad, he can handle it. Let’s assume he was good, tonight will be the best orgasm he has ever had… Make it last and make him work for it. Tie him up, tease him, whisper naughty things in his ear, tell him you aren’t sure if you will make him wait some more or not.

When and if you are ready, remind him of the rules, 1. You make the rules, 2. No finishing or touching without your permission. If he wants to cum he will ask for permission. Lastly, it’s time to decide what your nickname will be. And yes you really should have a nickname. Again, try it… if you don’t like after the 30 days then don’t use it anymore. But it makes a huge difference. It shows your dominance, gives you power, and will really turns on your man. From now on he will answer to you as, “yes mistress/ma’am/princess…etc”. I’m not into the whole slave and master type of fetish. But who doesn’t like to be pampered like a queen or princess. So for tonight make him work for his release, get him to say “may I please cum princess”? And after he cums he will always say “Thank you princess.”

I’m not really even into the ‘princess’ thing but him being loving and sweet and focused on me is just fabulous!

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