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In the morning make sure you show him how much you appreciate him wearing your panties all night. Give his little guy a few minutes of attention and then get ready for work. Make sure he knows that you promised he will cum, but you want to save it for tonight and he better be on his best behavior. If he does even One thing to upset you, you will push back his release another day. Tell him that you have a big surprise for him tonight.

Tonight is a really special day. You will be more close to him after tonight than ever before. Don’t tell him, but tonight he will share with you his deepest secret. The secret he has probably never told anyone in his entire life and probably lied about to anyone who asked (even you). Tonight you will find out just how big (or should I say small) his penis is. Now you may think this is not important but for a guy it’s the most sacred thing in the world. They are made to believe that penis size is the most important thing since he was a little kid. So tonight, like most nights, you will start by tying him to the bed. Tease him, get him rock hard and tell him you have a surprise for him. Have him remind you about his answers from yesterday’s game (what his size was and what he thought was average). Then take out a tape measure or ruler and measure his dick. Explain to him you did your own research and realized he was lying. Whatever he is, tell him average is at least a little bigger. Also, tell him you are “used to more.” Let that sink in for him a little…. Used to more, how? From previous lovers or from the internet? Doesn’t matter… All that matters is you are “used to more” and he doesn’t measure up.

Let him know that you knew something was up when you saw how well your panties fit him. Say things like"a real dick would never be able to fit in my panties" or “your little guy just looked so cute and tiny in my girl panties”. If his size is even a millimeter off from what he told you it was, as a punishment for lying, he will not be allowed to cum tonight. He needs to learn to be more truthful and open. Besides"only big dicks should be allowed to cum tonight!“

Tonight you will come up with a nickname for his little guy. From now on call his little guy by his nickname. Even if your man is hung like a horse you will still call it small. One, this will make him want to prove to you that his package is perfect which means orgasms after orgasms for you. He will try extra hard to impress you (yay!). Two, continue to shift the power to your side. Fastest way to get your man to submit to your dominance is having him think you can do bigger and better. Sample names: little guy, dicklet, wee wee, pee pee or my favorite…Tiny.

Tonight you will watch porn together and all you want to focus on is how big the guys are. How the girls can’t wrap their entire hand around the man, need two hands, can’t even wrap their mouth around the whole thing. Reassure him that you still love his tiny man but for lying he is not getting to cum tonight.

As always, tonight is all about you. Whatever you want you get. Make him sleep either naked or in your panties again so you can hold his little guy when he sleeps (trust me, he won’t be getting much sleep tonight). As a matter of fact, start telling him to sleep in your panties or thongs more often. His cute little package would feel better in girl panties. Only real men should wear man briefs.

So again, we’re not really into the panties things but some guys SO are so if you fancy trying it, find out, otherwise adapt, you’ll know what should work for you!


**STEP 4***

When I first read about tease and denial it was originally all of my husband’s idea. I was not really into taking the lead but seeing how much it made him happy I went for it. Not to mention in the long run, our relationship got so much better. He helped with cooking and cleaning and went out of his way to be sweet to me and make me happy. If only I started this years ago. And I get him so built up and excited that when I finally untie him he gives me the dominant breath-taking orgasms that I love. The only downside was the idea that I would have to spend hours a day, everyday, having sex. Who has that kind of time when you work and have a family?

That’s when I realized a few minutes a day of teasing is all that is needed. That’s totally do-able now that he is helping around the house. One thing I came to realize and really enjoy was just how much my man would do for a release. I love seeing him beg. When you think he really needs to cum, make him wait longer. Men do not need to cum everyday. They can go weeks and even months without orgasms. Think about it, have you ever gone a week without having sex with your man? Even longer perhaps? Nothing bad happened to him or his little guy. If anything he probably had a great orgasm because it’s been so long. The more you tease him, the better. Talk to him. Have him open up to you. What does he like, what does he not.

Tonight you will play a game of truth or dare in bed. Your ultimate goal is to get him to open up about his deepest fantasies. Obviously, the more you play with him and tease him, the more he will tell. Now don’t worry if you don’t like all of his fantasies. That’s not the point of the game. Just try to get info out of him that we can use for later days. Sample questions: (A MUST – Ask him how big is his dick? Don’t let him know but we will be using this info tomorrow against him hehehe) Also, don’t open up with that question, get him hot and bothered first and then ask him that. Other ideas, his favorite position? What’s his favorite body part of yours? His favorite outfit of yours? How often or last time he masterbated? His favorite fantasy? Does he like the idea of a threesome?

Sample dares: go down on you, suck your toes, lick your butt, find a porn video that he really enjoys and show you, and (THE MUST for tonight is to get him to try on your panties). Wait what!? Yes that’s right, grab your sexiest pair (or even better the ones you are wearing right now) and force him to put them on. If he refuses the game is over and it’s time to go to bed. If he is willing then the game can continue. When he puts them on, make sure to tell him how surprised you are on how well they fit. “Wow I’m surprised you fit in them? They look actually kind of sexy on you. I love how you can be so manly but at the same time your little guy looks so nice in my lacy thong”

Now I know what you are thinking. Why the hell would I want him wearing a thong? Well relax it’s not going to turn him gay. Take note that with your sexy panties on him, he will be rock hard. Also, it will show him that you are in charge and you can make him do just about anything for a release. The power shift has begun and you will become a leader and he will love you for it. Plus it’s funny and fun so relax and just go with it.

End tonight with no release for him. Sorry little guy 🙁 Obviously orgasm for you or whatever you are in the mood for. Now he is going to be a big whiner at this point so make a deal with him. If he is willing to wear your panties for the rest of the night and sleep in them, you promise he will cum tomorrow. Stay firm and don’t let him finish tonight. Trust me he will thank you for it down the road.


***Step 3***

Let’s be honest it would be great if everyone had 2 hours every night to fool around and make love but the truth is life gets in the way. With work and family, no one expects you to put on an entire sex show every night. However, bored men will find ways to be entertained. Whether it’s by playing with themselves or by seeking out help elsewhere. One of the benefits of this tease and denial, is it only takes a few minutes, brings you closer than ever with your partner, and you will literally become the sole attention of your man. He will do anything and everything you want. Your pleasure will come first, in and out of the bedroom. When he gets home from work, tease him. Play with his little guy and talk dirty to him. When he gets close to finishing he will ask for permission and you will let go of him completely. This is called edging because you bring him right to the edge of finishing and then stopping.

My husband explains edging to me like this… He says before meeting me when he used to masterbate his orgasms felt like 2 out of 10s. When he hooked up with a girlfriend it felt like a 4 out of 10. When he had a one night stand a 6 out of 10 because it was more exciting than boring vanilla sex. But the longer I tease him, the longer I make him wait, the more times I edge him the better it feels and we are talking about 12 out of 10. His words, not mine. I didn’t get it at first but that’s just because guys and girls are made different. And the same time I don’t care… if it makes him happy and in return makes me even happier I’ll tease him until he is blue in the face.

So what is the goal? Edge him. Edge him every night until he can’t take it anymore. Make sure he is giving you lots of pleasure in and out of the bedroom. Don’t give in too soon. And take note of the way his behavior has changed in order to make you happy as he tries to convince you to let him finish.


***Step 2***

He will wake up hornier than ever today. Play with him a little, but be careful not to bring him over the edge. One if not both of you will probably have to get ready for work, so make it hot and make it quick. Right when it’s getting good let go (this is called edging and you are going to get good at it… I’ll post more about it later). Remind him about your agreement, he will have to work for it. But if he is really good MAYBE you will let him finish tonight. Don’t worry about all of his moaning and whining, he doesn’t know it yet but you are setting him up for the greatest orgasm he has ever had in his life. Take note of a few things today. Notice how much he will do to please you. He will be nicer to you, he will massage you, he will clean up, do laundry, text you all day, and when he sees you he won’t be able to take his hands off of you. He will treat you like the Queen that you are.

Tonight is simple, you cum first. Whatever you want, he will do… Promise. Anything you ever wanted to try, he’ll be up for it. Do you want your hair pulled, toys, rough, romantic, foot rubs? Whatever you want he’ll be glad to oblige. Then it’s his turn… Or is it? That is totally up to you. Has he been good? Really good? If so you can reward him… If not, don’t give in. If he hasn’t done everything you asked for, make him wait another day. Don’t feel bad, he can handle it. Let’s assume he was good, tonight will be the best orgasm he has ever had… Make it last and make him work for it. Tie him up, tease him, whisper naughty things in his ear, tell him you aren’t sure if you will make him wait some more or not.

When and if you are ready, remind him of the rules, 1. You make the rules, 2. No finishing or touching without your permission. If he wants to cum he will ask for permission. Lastly, it’s time to decide what your nickname will be. And yes you really should have a nickname. Again, try it… if you don’t like after the 30 days then don’t use it anymore. But it makes a huge difference. It shows your dominance, gives you power, and will really turns on your man. From now on he will answer to you as, “yes mistress/ma’am/princess…etc”. I’m not into the whole slave and master type of fetish. But who doesn’t like to be pampered like a queen or princess. So for tonight make him work for his release, get him to say “may I please cum princess”? And after he cums he will always say “Thank you princess.”

I’m not really even into the ‘princess’ thing but him being loving and sweet and focused on me is just fabulous!


***STEP ONE***

We are going to start with a shock to the system and introduce some excitement in the bedroom. Don’t be afraid to introduce some toys in the bedroom. My first recommendation is to buy some restraints. Now they don’t need to be expensive, just something that can help you hold your man down. I’m sure your man, just like mine, is strong and can overpower you if he really wanted. Which is great because let’s be honest, who doesn’t like to be dominated? But if you like a strong man to take charge, is it too hard to believe that your man would like a strong dominant girl too from time to time. Here is how you both can get what you want. Tonight I want you to dress in your man’s favorite outfit and seduce him. Tie him down to the bed and tease him relentlessly. Massage him, kiss him, lick him, be the dominant girl he always wanted. Don’t even touch his manhood until he is begging for it. Explain to him that you want to play a game that you think he will love. A game where his MANHOOD WILL BE GETTING LOTS OF ATTENTION. But inorder to play there needs to be some ground rules set early in this game. One – you make the rules, not him. Two – he is never allowed to play with himself or finish without your permission. Three – if he breaks any of your rules the game is over.

After getting him to agree, which he will do in a second… tell him that he gets to finish only if he gives you the best orgasm he has ever given you before. And watch him go to work, showing off his manliness. As soon as you have finished, you are done for the night. Yes, I know what you are thinking… What about him? Well he is going to learn real quick that it’s no longer about his pleasure. It’s all about yours. Tell him, you said you would let him finish but you never said anything about him finishing tonight. Explain to him he will have to work for that orgasm, you love him, and kiss him goodnight.

A nice little set of ideas for introducing him to chastity here. I know that the reality is mostly it’s the guys who want it and have to introduce it to us but some fun and hot throughts in these four posts!


Gloriously sexy caption. I would only add that I do it for many reasons, not just “because I can.“ 

I edge my husband because:

  • It’s what his body wants, whether his mind knows it or not
  • It’s more pleasurable for him to be edged and denied than for him to cum – simple biology
  • I can do this every day, and he’ll stay aroused and excited every time
  • He makes the sexiest noises when I edge him
  • I love watching his mind go numb with pleasure
  • He gets so stiff and hard for me, I can’t resist touching it, and I want him to stay that way as long as possible
  • He stays in a hypersexual state, always eager to pleasure me any way I want
  • It arouses me to see him lost in bliss
  • Edging him is so easy, and it gets easier every day I do it
  • I want him to be happy, and he’s obviously happy when he’s on the edge
  • I love that he trusts me with his most intimate, natural reflex, so I trigger it as often as possible (or almost-trigger it!)
  • He fucks me so hard after I edge him for a few days – he’s like an animal, I fucking love it!
  • He thinks of me all day and texts me the sweetest things
  • He works hard, doesn’t get enough respect, and deserves to “zone out” for a while in my hands or mouth
  • It makes him dream about me, so I’m part of literally every moment of his life

And more, and more…