***Step 3***

Let’s be honest it would be great if everyone had 2 hours every night to fool around and make love but the truth is life gets in the way. With work and family, no one expects you to put on an entire sex show every night. However, bored men will find ways to be entertained. Whether it’s by playing with themselves or by seeking out help elsewhere. One of the benefits of this tease and denial, is it only takes a few minutes, brings you closer than ever with your partner, and you will literally become the sole attention of your man. He will do anything and everything you want. Your pleasure will come first, in and out of the bedroom. When he gets home from work, tease him. Play with his little guy and talk dirty to him. When he gets close to finishing he will ask for permission and you will let go of him completely. This is called edging because you bring him right to the edge of finishing and then stopping.

My husband explains edging to me like this… He says before meeting me when he used to masterbate his orgasms felt like 2 out of 10s. When he hooked up with a girlfriend it felt like a 4 out of 10. When he had a one night stand a 6 out of 10 because it was more exciting than boring vanilla sex. But the longer I tease him, the longer I make him wait, the more times I edge him the better it feels and we are talking about 12 out of 10. His words, not mine. I didn’t get it at first but that’s just because guys and girls are made different. And the same time I don’t care… if it makes him happy and in return makes me even happier I’ll tease him until he is blue in the face.

So what is the goal? Edge him. Edge him every night until he can’t take it anymore. Make sure he is giving you lots of pleasure in and out of the bedroom. Don’t give in too soon. And take note of the way his behavior has changed in order to make you happy as he tries to convince you to let him finish.

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