Locktober 2016 – Day 15

Teased and tied

So yesterday he was doing the work, today you’re going to be doing most of it… on yourself!

Oh yes, here’s one that will drive him crazy. So if you’ve got some sexy lingerie, go for it tonight. Do a full on dress up, and have fun with it. I honestly like dressing up for sex even more now than I ever did, knowing how crazy it makes him when he’s being denied. Yummy!

Tying him up is pretty much essential so do get some restraints if you haven’t got them (or you can use stockings or silk scarves). On top of which a dildo is really going to add to the fun if you don’t have one.

So as usual, get him to warm you up. Then tie him up! The whole idea is you’re going to masturbate and enjoy yourself while he lies there helplessly unable to get involved, his poor little cock all caged up.

Now I’m getting good at this mean stuff so I’ll also put some porn on, even if he can’t see it, to make it even worse. Then I’ll browse tumblr and start playing with myself. Maybe show him a thing or two, but mostly, just enjoy it. Add a vibe and get myself close, then I tend to grab his caged cock and pull on it. That’s about all the stimulation I plan on giving him tonight…

I’ll tell him how much I love keeping his cock caged, and then cum, maybe looking at him, maybe just ignoring him.

Then, then I’ll pull out the big guns, specifically our big dildo, the King Cock Extra Girthy and I’ll start using it. Verbalising is the real challenge, firstly making noises, you just have to overdo it. Remember they are used to porn, so try and be a porn star for them, lots of ‘Oh my god!’ and moaning and ‘It feels so good’.

And then, well then you could get meaner.

Compare it to him, either verbally, ‘Oh god this is so much bigger than you’ (obviously only if you’ve both got into this teasing…) or even put it on him and compare it to him. You could even lube it and wank it, or give it a quick blowjob. They will go nuts, I promise!

As you use it, tell them how good it feels inside you, and ask out loud why you need to ever unlock him if you have this dildo. All you need is his mouth and hands…

If you fancy it, shove it in his mouth, let him taste you or even clean it.

Then fuck it and vibe till you cum, as many times as you can. Seriously, push yourself. Each one will drive him crazy.

And that’s it. Cuddle up to him afterwards. I’d wait a bit to untie him, just playing with his straining cock and telling him how much you love this, and him. And if you’re feeling cheeky…whispering, ‘I’m really not sure if I want to let you out tomorrow, I guess we’ll find out!’

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