I know you and your husband have just recently started using the cage more extensively, but have you read anything negative with continues wear? (I.e E.D, tissue damage, scrotal damage) Also, an ejaculation schedule with the pros and cons? Thank you!

The only negative things were:

  • the front top of his balls got sore at first until he sanded down the rough edge of the cage at that point – it wasn’t rough enough to notice until he tried to figure out what the soreness was caused by
  • his ball sack definitely stretched a bit at the front where his balls were held in place by the ring, rather than where they usually hang. It just meant a bit of loose skin there when he was out of the cage – give it’s a ball sack loose skin is barely an issue lol
  • No erectile dysfunction at all, in fact it was generally better! He got hard faster and stayed up longer after even a week in the cage.

In regards to ejaculation schedule… it just about worked out for the first two weeks that I ruined him once a week, and then last week did a lot more ruins because it was fun. I don’t think you need to cum at all though, you pee out any extra as far as I’m aware. I make him ejaculate because I like it, not because I think there’s any need.

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