Careful with that “upgrade” to an authentic CB6000, they can break just as easily as the knockoffs… I’ve found the solid metal version of the same thing is far more stable, just 20 times heavier



Okay, well lovehoney give a year’s return deal so we can send it back if there’s a proble. So with the metal version, you mean the copies you find on ebay? I’m just a bit worried the plated metal won’t be very good for hubby’s cock. Have you used one for long, any problems with it?


Okay, I recently purchased a metal device for longer wear as I learned from mistakes that the plastic ones can break or fall apart so I never fully felt comfortable wearing for more than a day and under controlled circumstances. My first “record” was 24 hours actually locked as the limit was because of a very healthy fear of an unhealthy risk of being out and about and having the plastic on explode into dangerous little sharp things where they wouldn’t belong or be welcomed. I always kept the key nearby in the event that I would need to dismantle remaining parts. Because I wished for longer terms/sessions being in chastity, I searched for something metal to experiment with that I could afford, and found and ordered this:
I chose it because it has the 3-post style, the price and because it is an Amazon Prime product, fulfilled by Amazon and the delivery was days rather than the unknowns from China.
When it arrived, I was already in the plastic one, so, I quickly cleaned and inspected it for flaws/poor workmanship and did a hot-swap into it. This began a randomized enforced session that wound up lasting 39 hours. Afterwards, removed, checked bits and such to make sure we’re compatible with each other and nothing was falling apart, showered and shaved, then went 97 hours. Immediately landing my Current Session, which began at: 2015-09-30 18:49:10 EST and will end at 2015-10-07 20:18:32 EST. For me, hours of chastity “play” are a thing of the past. Now it is about days and perhaps open-ended random variables… I wanted to break my record and keep it reasonable at under 10 days.
My experience and feedback on this device is this.
It is NOT stainless steel, but most likely brass with chrome or nickle plating.
The locking pin is a hair too long allowing for a little play in the two top pieces that complete the base ring which doesn’t keep the entire assembly rigid and also creats a hair puller, so, must either accept that as torture or be clean shaven. Additionally, due to the slack, the cage itself has a little up and down slack, allowing for the gap between it and the base to be flexable. During the quick break, I did experiment with using various remaining rings, posts and spacers from the plastic one on the new metal one. The pin and hole diameters are different, and the nylon posts and locking pin are extremely snug, and to get the spacer to seat into the recessed holes actually took a pair of pliers get the parts firmly together.
I am pretty impressed with the craftsmanship of this device, but when I can afford it, I intend to “upgrade” to one that is actually made of real stainless steel and designed for long-term wear and not just a novelty item.
Hope this helps??

Really helpful review of a metal device from amvetdl, thank you!

This is actually one of the ones we’re looking at ourselves. It’s basically a metal version of what we’ve got. Thanks so much for the review!

However I’m going to say that with our plastic one it didn’t look like there was any risk of it ‘explode into sharp bits’ – all that happened was the gluing on the main seam came apart a little bit. It seemed pretty strong to me otherwise.

The main difference (our proper one arrived yesterday) was the quality of the finishing on it. The cheap one we bought first had sharp edges and stuff that needed smoothing down – this new official plastic one from lovehoney has clearly been carefully finished (and has a year’s no quibble guarantee so if it DOES break in anyway we can get our money back or get it replaced).

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