We used a cage recently for a couple of weeks and I loved it especially, and my bf did too I think but like your husband he’s quite dominant most of the time and isn’t that keen on the idea or at least doesn’t want to say he is. I loved all the attention and pussy eating I got when he was in it, and how obsessed with me he got. Any ideas on how to convince him back into it? Thank you!!!!!!

OH that’s a really interesting one!

I think I might be really naughty and trick him into it! If you guys have safewords which I assume you do, he can always tell you he wants out, but… yeah I bet hubby would find it super sexy for me to initiate him being in it.

So, I think I’d tie him up, which we do anyway, and spend ages teasing and enjoying him like that, and then when he’s really close, just say, ‘Honey, I want you back in the cage’. He’d probably say no, he doesn’t want to, that’s when the fun begins.

It could go a few ways then, you might want to try to negotiate – of course the first offer is that you’ll make him cum if he says yes. That might be enough. But I’d go for something more long term – ‘When I let you out I’m going to let you fuck my ass as much as you want’ would work for my man 😀 Or ‘You can deny me for as long as I keep you denied, your turn first, then my turn – you know what a horny little slut that’ll make me, wouldn’t you like to feel you’ve earned that and so really take advantage of me?’

Alternatively you could just do it! Just either keep edging him and then say, if you cum I’m going to lock you up in the cage, and then basically make it happen!

Or just sit on his legs and wait for his cock to go limp and cage him up against his will! I’m pretty certain my husband would find that insanely hot, but I’m not sure how he’d be afterwards… hmmm. I’m kind of intrigued to find out now lol

I hope that helps! I think you’ve just inspired me! lol

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