I found this one Mystim Pubic Enemy No 2 E-Stim Cock Cage with Urethral Sound would you buy it?

You mean this one?

Looks quite interesting! It’s very like the CB6000 or maybe the older versions of them, but all those black bits are designed to conduct electrical pulses for connection to what we in the UK call a TENS machine, or similar. 

We’ve never actually explored that, anywhere, let alone a cock cage. It’s an interesting idea, although, if i want something like that then I tend to just rub menthol all over his cock and balls lol

I’m not sure about urethral inserts at all, although as I posted earlier, that may soon change. 

I think, if you’re experienced with both cock cages AND e-stim AND urethral play then it looks great. But if you’re new to caging I’d go with a simpler (and cheaper) CB-6000S to start and make sure that you like the chastity experience first of all. Then add the bells and whistles this offers.

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