Have you ever tried rolling up a soft ear plug and inserting it into a males urethra? My wife does this to me when she wants to tease me and not have me leaking. It’s maddening because I know if I come it can’t shoot out and will just back up inside me. I get really hard.

Wow, no, I’ve never heard of that! How extraordinary! Actually I love him leaking. we’re in the middle of a month lock up and he gets worse wet spots than me now!

I’m REALLY curious about trying a penis plug though. I keep seeing them on Lovehoney but hubby is properly nervous about them, as we’ve never stuck anything down there at all.

I have to say, I do imagine being very naughty, and tying him up sometime, having secretly ordered one. And when he’s super aroused, just pulling it out and sitting on his legs, and lubing it up, plus a squirt down his peehole, and just watching his face as I slide a plug in him. I think it would totally blow his mind. Of course he’s got safewords if it’s bad, but otherwise, I simply would do it, not ask, just explore if I enjoy shoving things down there, and then see how it is for him too.

There’s really not much else I can think I could surprise him with so ‘non-consensually’ and for that reason very exciting. Just that idea of taking such control of his cock, I don’t know, it thrills me. 

From what I’ve read, gong slow and LOTS of lube is the key. Hmm, kind of sounds like what he said to me when he convinced me to try anal (which I now love I should add). Watch out hubby… 

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