Hello, I had a quick question about chastity devices.I was looking to get on for my BF and I really like the look of the silicone ones. However my BF is well endowed and I was wondering if you had any suggestions on where to find plastic cages larger then what seems to be the standard (CB 6000 etc) as most seem to be made smaller. Thanks!

Well firstly, lucky you 😛 That is what we call a happy problem!

We’ve never used the silicon chastity devices. They all seem a bit floppy and while they’d be fun for just playing, In all the reviews/advice I’ve read, no one has recommended them for serious chastity play. I think if there was any desire to actually leave him locked up for even a few hours you’d want something solid. There’s a real feeling of it being ‘trapped’ which is very sexy.

The question is just how well endowed is he, and is he a grower or a show-er? The basic advice is you do not want ANY room to grow lengthwise, and even being a little bit squashed is fine (and feels good). The cock is a remarkably versatile thing. I had a look but couldn’t find it, but there’s a post around of a wife getting her husband’s very large cock into a teeny little cage. It’s amazing.

In the first instance I’d still recommend trying a CB-X (the brand name for the CB-6000 makers) device because they come with 25 different ring and spacer combinations, which is actually the biggest challenge when you first get a cage. Too tight and it’s really uncomfortable, too loose and it literally falls off. The fact you get five ring sizes and five spacers to adjust the gap between the ring that goes behind your balls and the cock cage bit gives you all the options you could need.

His erect length is irrelevant. If his flaccid (soft) length is less than 5 inches then the standard CB-6000 should be just fine. The cage bit is 3.25″ (I’ve just read) BUT remember that’s not right against his groin, so you’ve got another inch or so for his actual length.

If he’s longer than that then ‘The Curve’ is what you want to try first. That’s their longest model.

My chief bit of advice is to buy them from Lovehoney. The key reason is their amazing guarantee. If you try it and it doesn’t fit,  you can just send it back for a complete refund! Yes there are cheaper fake copies from China, but you have to wait ages, possibly pay import taxes and worst of all, they split and he gets a very nasty pinched penis (we speak from experience). And of course, no refunds!

Heck, with Lovehoney if you try it and simply don’t like it, you can send it back. Yes, used, they don’t care, in fact they encourage it! To quote them:

Free 365-day returns. Return anything for any reason for up to a year after you bought it. We’ll give you a replacement or a full refund.

If you still need bigger then ‘The Prisoner’ is the one to go for. It’s actually the first cock cage I ever saw I think. It comes with a belt to hold it in place even tighter too but when I read a review of it they said they just cut that off.

That last one is also in their Bondage Special Offer where you save 20% if you buy three. Ohhh, there’s some interesting stuff in there!!! Hot damn, I didn’t realise they sold a humbler! (mind starts racing). Anyway, yes, if you’re just starting out and wanted to add a couple of items then I’d highly recommend adding an under the bed restraint system and a butt plug to get the discount. Or there’s a Bondage Boutique Kit that’s pretty cute!

A problem with any cage when he’s bigger will be if he’s really girthy, as it’ll be hard to get him in it. First, always make sure he and the cage are well lubed. But if that doesn’t work then the trick with this is the ‘sock technique’ where you put the end of a pair of tights on his cock, thread that through the end of the cage, and pull it and him into it, the tights sliding out the end, leaving him nicely inside it. Taa daaaaa!

You can see all of Lovehoney’s cock cage and chastity device range here

Have fun, I hope that’s helpful!

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