Frustration… (4)



Samantha waited even longer this time and then nodded her head sharply. Relieved, Nick released his cock, his breathing rapid and shallow, his cock angry and throbbing.
Samantha looked down at her husband, her nipples were like bullets under her dress and her pussy was soaked, again the feeling came over her to grab his head and shove it between her thighs, she needed to feel his expert tongue on her clit so badly, but not just yet… she had to keep going as planned.
“Too much for you slave,” Samantha said, crossing her legs once again, her thigh muscles tightening and brushing against her sensitive pussy.
Nick looked disappointed…

“Edge for me slave, I want you really close this time.”
Nick’s hand closed around his cock again, he knew it wasn’t going to take many strokes before he was edging again so he took it a little slower. Samantha watched his every move then started to pile on the verbal pressure.
“Yes, I definitely need to start being crueller to you… there’s so many ways I could make you suffer for me, so many dilemmas I could force you into. For instance, I could keep you chaste for a very long time, and then offer you the chance to cum, but only if you used Deep Heat as lube… can you imagine what that would feel like slave? The intense, burning heat on your cock and balls as you jerked your cock for me… and the agony once you’d cum and reality kicked back in. Even if I allowed you to wipe it off, it wouldn’t help much, you’d just have to wait for it to wear off… and of course, I’d still expect you to clean up your mess for me, just like always…”

“I’m, I’m close Mistress!” stammered Nick.
“Ride it out, but don’t you dare cum…” spat Samantha, opening her legs wide so that her dress rode up around her waist, her clean shaven pussy fully exposed for the first time.
“Show me you can take it, just keep it right there, I want you one stroke away from cumming.”
Samantha allowed her right hand to fall between her thighs and her middle finger pressed easily between her wet lips. Samantha’s mouth opened and a breath of pleasure escaped her throat. She gently teased her pussy for a few seconds longer and then lifted her finger to her own mouth, sucking the juice from her finger tip.
“I bet you’d give anything to be able to do that, wouldn’t you… anytime you wanted?”
Nick nodded his head, completely unable to speak, his jaw quivering violently with the effort of holding back his orgasm.
“Do you want to be allowed to stop?”
“Please… Mistress,” he just about managed to drag the words from the back of his throat.

Samantha leaned forward and kissed him gently on the lips, their eyes locked as she reached out and her fingertips closed around his left nipple. She squeezed it hard and released, then squeezed it harder.
“I love seeing you like this, so desperate, so obedient, so fucking malleable… I am going to treat you so badly, and you are going to love me for it aren’t you?”
“Yes Mistress.”
“I’m going to become the Mistress of your dreams, and possibly your nightmares too. Is that what you want slave?”
“Yes Mistress.”
Nick’s words were barely audible now, such was the effort of holding back his orgasm.
“Then let go… let go of your cock.”
Nick released his cock, which remained stone hard and jerked involuntarily, desperately trying to force the cum to rise from his balls without the necessary stimulation.

“Thank you Mistress,” gasped Nick as he fought for breath.
“I told you I wasn’t going to ruin your orgasm today slave, and I meant it. But as much as I want to see you stroke your cock for me, as much as I want to feel your hot creamy load spattering across my beautiful feet, and as much as I want to watch you clean it all up and swallow it down for me… more than all that, I want to lock your cock back up and keep you just like this. I want to keep you frustrated and horny, desperate for whatever pleasure I allow you.”
Samantha parted her legs again and grabbed the back of Nick’s head, forcing it down between her legs as she pushed her pussy forwards to the edge of the seat.
“Eat me slave, make me cum… make me cum hard.”

Nick collapsed onto all fours and buried his tongue inside his Mistress, the delicious taste overwhelming him and almost pushing him over the edge. As much as he wanted to cum, as much as he craved the taste of his own release, nothing gave him greater pleasure than feeling his Mistress cumming hard under his tongue.

Samantha ground her pussy against his face as he licked her clit, Nick couldn’t remember her being hornier in all the time they’d been together. Then she bucked hard against him, her hands tight around his head, fucking his face as she came harder than she could ever remember.
“Oh fuck, oh fuck…. OH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
It seemed to go on forever, but finally Samantha’s muscles started to relax and Nick gulped down lungfuls of air, his face red and smeared with his Mistress’s juices. He looked down at his cock, which was still rock hard, the head an angry purple colour, he needed to cum so badly at that point that for just a moment he thought about climbing on top of his wife, holding her down and forcing his cock inside her wet, sloppy cunt. Just like he used to back in the old days, before all this madness started.

But then the moment passed, Samantha closed her legs and brushed her dress back down to cover herself up and then rolled over on the sofa so that she was lying on her side facing him.
“That was fantastic…” she breathed, barely able to keep her eyes open.
Nick smiled and felt the warm glow of her satisfaction that only a deeply submissive man can ever understand.
“I mean it though, we’ve been playing at this long enough, I want to push you much, much harder… do you think you can handle it?”
Nick paused a second, his lips felt suddenly dry.
“Yes Mistress…”
“Good, I’m pleased to hear it…. Now go get some ice, I want to lock your cock back up before I change my mind.”

Thanks to Robert Anthony.

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