Announcing LOCKtober – who wants to join us?

So hubby and I have decided to go for another longer stint and have come up with the idea of LOCKtober. Starting tonight he’s going to be locked in a cage for the rest of the month, and that’s maybe just the start…

He will not be cumming at leawt until 31st October. There may be chances for him to get ruined, depends what I come up with.

I really like the idea of others joining us in this (and reporting in on how you’re doing) – so here’s the plan.

I’m going to try and post one LOCKtober post every day which will have ideas to try, games to play, things to say to him.

If you’d like to join us, I’d love to know, even if you don’t do it as strictly as we do. But here’s a thought, maybe don’t let him read it, keep the daily ideas as a surprise. Maybe make him promise not to this month? Or, if there’s demand I could make a little private blog area that only us girls can read and you need a password for?

Plus if you’re properly opting into LOCKtober as a couple then I’d love to chat to you other ladies (I really don’t get many people sending me messages, I’d love more) so please just send me a little message to say hi. Plus of course you can ask me anything (if you don’t make a question anonymous  I can just answer it privately back to you).

So, who wants to join us?!!! Please? It’ll be fun, I promise! xxxx

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