Locktober Day 1 – the fun begins

Welcome to the first ‘Locktober’ post, a series of ideas for you to try with your man who you’re keeping in chastity.

Thanks to those who have made contact, it’s most appreciated. A big encouragement if you’re even going to dabble with this, I’d love to hear from you and chat with other women doing this to their man, for mutual encouragement and idea sharing if nothing else.

If you’re a single guy trying these out, of course you’re welcome to give it a go but I’m afraid it’s going to be designed for couples, so use your imagination to adapt what you can

So, DAY 1!

If you haven’t so far, then today is the big lock up. The idea is our men are not going to be allowed to have a proper orgasm until the last day of October – just think how horny and desperate they’ll be for us by then, yummy!

A simple start today, with a possible twist. Tonight is going to be a classic tease and denial session, the main stay of caged fun – when he’s restrained and then let out for teasing and edging before being put back in his cage without release of any kind.

If you’re just starting then this is a great way to start things off, tie him up, tease him, and then when you’ve done it for long enough (I’d say 45mins or more to kick things off) just wait until he’s soft and cage him up again before you let him out.

Try wearing the key on a necklace while you play, and if you fancy it, have him warm you up before you tie him up, with his hands, and his mouth. Then if you’re in the mood, once he’s tied up and you’re playing with him, try kneeling over his face and have him finish you off while he is denied. (Feel free to blindfold him if you’re self-concious about the view, I usually do).

The big twist for hubby that you may want to consider too is I’ve decided I want to see what he looks like shaved! So, before it all starts I’m sending him to the shower and he’s to do the best job he can removing as much hair as possible down there. The fun tease will be to remind him it’ll have grown back a long way before he gets to cum, lol!

Once he’s caged and untied, feel free to make him give you another orgasm, just to rub in the point that for the rest of the month, you cum, he doesn’t!

As always, I’d love your feedback or messages, have fun, and remember, the hornier he is, the more he wants and loves you!

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