My wife discovered ‘penis plugs’ the other day and I wondered if you had any experience with them or thoughts to share?

I’m afraid we don’t, although I’d been wondering the same thing as the cock cages page on Lovehoney also has all their penis plugs on, so I guess there’s some link between them, and I’ve seen lots of cages with them built in.

I assume it feels good? I can’t imagine there would be so many of them if it didn’t – it does raise my curiousity as I like the idea of another hole to put things in! (Oh my goodness, i can’t imagine myself saying THAT a few months ago!). 

The silicone one on lovehoney looks kind of cute, the metal ones though, yikes, they look scary.

I have to say, I’ve been looking for something to ‘surprise’ hubby with since the pegging and this might just be it! The idea of having him properly restrained, really edged, and then just surprising him with, ‘Oh honey there’s something I’ve wanted to try, and I’m going to now’ and starting to lube up his pee hole. Gosh, I guess you could squirt the lube right down it! That’d be interesting.

I just did some googling and found this:

Seems quite interesting. The idea of it feeling good outside AND inside when he masturbated is most intriguing.

I just figured out that the plug on Lovehoney has a hole through it for him to cum, gosh, I bet that makes it go MILES! Okay, now I’m really intrigued. I tried and failed with the Ruined Orgasm Challenge to get the cum into his mouth, perhaps this is the key! 

But some plugs must not have the hole in them… what happens then? Ohhh, okay, I’m inspired now.

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