Women readers, fancy a chat?

So I love all the messages I get from this blog, all the appreciation is most welcome, but it’s almost all from guys. I do get some questions that seem to be from women, but that’s about it. 

I’d really quite like to chat to other women about what they’re doing and if any of the stuff here is helpful. I can’t really talk about it to my normal life friends as hubby doesn’t want me mentioning it, unsurprisingly! (Although I reckon he secretly has a fantasy about it lol)

So yes, if you are in a similar boat I’d love to share experiences, and offer any advice I can and just get some ideas from you too.

Send me a message on here, (it could be an encouragement, an idea that worked for you, maybe we can swap ideas, a question, or just hello!) and if I think you’re for real (please no guys pretending to be women, I know that happens a lot), I’ll reply and we can see how we get on!

PS Please remember I can’t privately answer an anonymous message!!! Just make up a fake account if you’re worried about anonymity, but I can only message you back if you DON’T make your message anonymous!

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