My boyfriend seems to have a lovehate thing with the idea of me making him swallow his cum, but I LOVE the idea. Got any tips on how to get him to do it?

Hiya, yeah hubby’s the same, he talks about it sometimes when I’m edging him and I feel how hard his cock gets but it really doesn’t turn him on when he’s not very horny (although I don’t think the idea repels him like it seems to some guys).

Anyway, this is what I did, because I think it’s hot to make him do it sometimes too. After all, he really, really wants me to swallow it! In fact, that’s what I used against him!

I’d denied and caged him for a few days and when I was edging him started to talk about the idea of letting him cum, and that I really fancied trying to swallow the whole load like his good little cum slut should. This got him very excited.

‘In fact, I know how much you love me swallowing, would you like me to try to swallow every load you spew in my mouth from now on, baby?’

He really, really did.

‘Okay, well let’s make a deal, I want to move from edging you to ruining you (I really miss him not spurting after a while) so, fair’s fair, if you want me to drink your cum in the future, you need to do it for me now. If you lick up or swallow every ruined orgasm I tell you to over the next week and don’t refuse once, then I promise to always try to swallow you in the future.’

He actually had to stop and think, which I think is perfect as it meant it was a genuine challenge to him. Then he agreed. At which point I went down on him and took him over the edge (didn’t take long) into my mouth, but ruined it by stopping all stimulation as soon as he started squirting. OMG it was a huge load, I was glad I didn’t have to swallow it! lol I moved back up his body once he’d done emptying his balls in my mouth and smiled (as well as I could with a mouth full of goo!) and omg the sexiest thing, he just opened his mouth. So fucking hot… anyway, I then gently kissed him and opened my mouth and let the cum pour into his, and he swallowed it while we kissed. Yummy.

Over the next few days I ruined him on my breasts, and made him lick it up, into my pussy and made him lick and suck and make me cum a couple of times with him mouth after that, he jerked off onto my arsehole and bottom and licked that up, into my pussy again, but this time he was tied and I sat on his face (OMG that was the messiest,so much fun!), and then I remembered something he’d made me do, which was cum in a glass and make a cocktail and drink it (mine was with FRIENDS! he really is a kinky fucker) so I made him do that (but just the two of us).

The hottest one was his suggestion. He had me search tumblr for ‘cum in my own mouth’ and you’ll see pictures of guys with their legs up and cocks over their faces. So we did that! After a very long edging session (I wanted there to be loads for this one) he put his legs and back kind of up the wall and I jerked him off and aimed it into him mouth, although quite a bit went on his face too. God it was so sexy.

Picture of kinda how it worked:


And then finally I denied and edged him for a few days and then ruined him three times (with the help of a blue pill) into a glass until he was basically out of spunk, and then gave him (a rather rubbish) proper orgasm as he drank the glassful.

We both loved it, although at times he REALLY didn’t want to do it but my promise made him – and true to my word I’m now a swallower and not a spitter, and it’s extra hot knowing how he ‘earned’ it.

PS Something he suggested once for ME that we’ve never actually tried, is making him cum in an icecube tray and then freezing it, and repeating until you have six more more cubes of frozen cum. Then thawing it, so you have a HUGE load.

PPS He had me watch this ‘cumpilation’ video before while edging, it might be fun to use it on your guy somehow if you’re trying this.

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