This is my favourite thing at the moment, although I tend to tie his arms up and I’m kneeling not balancing on my toes…
I struggled with this for ages as I wasn’t sure about ‘the view’ he had, so the other really good tip, given I’m not some waif with ribs showing is if I’m feeling self concious (there is nothing more exposed than this!) I blindfold him!
Sometimes I suck him like this photo, other times I rub him with lubed hands, but also more and more I sit up and just let him do it.
Often I’ll start off with him caged and maybe let him out if he ‘does a good enough job’.
He loves it, his only ever request is that I wash really, really well as he’s a fan of doing it when I’m squeaky clean (although I know some guys prefer it more musty from what I read) – so for me it’s a shower before with a neutral soap and a quick douche with the shower spray.
The newer addition, pretty much totally inspired by stuff I’ve seen on here, is shifting forward a little and telling him to ‘lick my arsehole’. I was so nervous the first time I said it, but I watched his cock spring up hard in response and then when he did… OMG, it felt amazing and honestly one of the most intimate things I’ve ever experienced. He does this thing now where we’re with other people and he just seductively licks his lips or his finger tip and I melt. So hot!

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