‘Don’t ask me, tell me, it’s much hotter’

That’s what hubby said to me at the weekend. As you’ll know if you’ve read the blog, he’s actually pretty dominant, (although obviously wonderfully switchy given we do all this!) but he was very clear with me that when he’s caged, particularly when I want oral sex without letting him out, he wants me to tell him to do it, not be polite and ask.

Things you might say:

  • ‘Honey I’m horny, come and lick my clit for a while
  • I’m in the mood for some oral sex, no baby, just on me
  • Make me cum with your mouth, right now
  • Are you horny and frustrated honey? Good, me too, but I’m not in a cage, so come and suck on my clit if you ever want to be let out
  • You get the idea…

The other twist for us is that when he’s down there, he teases the living fuck out of me. One reason is because it reminds me when he’s out of the cage he loves to deny me (it really is a shared kink!) but also he’s told me he loves it when i get so desperate I grab his hair and push him against me. Mmmm, I love it when he does that to me too so it’s not hard to empathise!

The two positions that we use most are simply me lying on the bed and him on it too, but also like this picture, with me on the edge of the bed and him kneeling on the floor. 

My latest game is to make him do this and then put on some porn, but he can’t watch because he’s between my legs. OMG so sexy. I never really used to like porn at all but he used to watch lots, so this is a HUGE tease for him. But more than that, I’ve actually found some I like that gives me some great ideas of how to ‘act’ sexy and as long as we watch it together I feel okay with it. Actually when I say, I found it, he did… I told him to find me some he thought I’d like, with his cage on of course – that got some fun messages about how mean I was :D.  FYI the majority of the stuff I liked was by a company called X-art, as the name suggests, it’s absolutely beautiful and very classy.

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