Thanks for your previous reply. This may be a little personal so if so ignore it but i was wondering can a female actually cum from pegging their partner. Thanks again for the reply and the great blog.

Definitely, but I it’s pretty hard if you’re just doing it from the fucking.

Firstly it’s damn hard work (who knew how hard it was to thrust lots?! I had no idea. First few times I couldn’t do it for long at all as my muscles were killing me!).

Secondly there’s not a lot of direct stimulation from the strap on – I haven’t tried those insertable feeldoe ones as I hear very mixed reviews about how they just fall out unless you have a pussy as tight as a steel trap. 

The great thing with the strap on we use (and we didn’t spot this for ages…) is it has a little pocket for a vibe so it holds it right against your clit! So yes, I’ve cum from it. So get yourself a powerful little bullet vibe and slip that in and then every time you thrust it vibes you (kind of travels down a bit into him too he said).

You end up just pushing hard against it, and so the dildo into him, and holding it there and cumming, which is really hot. But I don’t think you’d easily cum if you didn’t push against it deliberately.

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