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A nice position to completely focus on his cock and balls and make him feel pretty helpless!
It might work well for post orgasm torture too, given you’re sitting on him in a way that would make hit hard for him to do anything about it.

A sexy denial and post orgasm torture vid that I hadn’t seen before!

You have to click this to play I think (Tumblr’s being weird) but there’s a couple of great things in this vid. Firstly the way she talks to him while using the vibe is really hot, I love the dynamic between them.

But also, it took me a minute to figure out what she was doing to make that snapping sound and it’s because he’s got a condom on in the first bit and she’s pulling it back and letting go of the tip. I’ve never seen that before but that looks like quite a fun little pain thing to try!

Some great techniques demonstrated here. ‘Knob polishing’ masturbation at the top, with a disdainful ruin where she doesn’t touch him at all… and then the finale, she just keeps going, post orgasm torture, pretty much ignoring his protests (yes, he HAS to be tied down for this).

If you want to drive him absolutely insane… you start back at the beginning again!

Wow! That’s intense! She doesn’t use his cum as lube though, missing a trick 😛

Wow! That’s intense! She doesn’t use his cum as lube though, missing a trick 😛




..a masturbatrix uses mainly knob and frenulum manipulation to firstly induce an ejaculation and then to administer extended and painful post orgasm massage!!

jesus… the jiggle in her right tit when she starte to work him faster… i nearly lost my edge

So much power over him. So much control.

Oh damn, this makes me wish hubby was allowed to cum, just so I could do this again!

Continuing the theme – if you wondered why I recommend you tie your guy up before you try post orgasm torture, watch this amazing vid! You can skip to about ten mins in for the actual cumming, but wow… even though he’s all bound up (isn’t he going boil wrapped up like that?!) he still jumps around like a red snake on a hot tin roof!

The full vid: http://www.xvideos.com/video7828301/hd-_brutal_post_orgasm_assault_by_bitchy_blonde_-_ashleyjane

Now where did I put that clingfilm…