How often do you tie him up for sessions of tease and denial? do you gag him too?

Probably not enough! 

I always forget and I need to try and remember because I know he loves it and we have under the bed restraints so it’s super easy! Just pull them out and velcro them around his wrists and taadaa, it’s added a whole extra level of kinkiness. (I also personally love the fact they’re always there, out of sight. Whenever I think about it it makes me smile.

I love it when he uses them on me. Again, he doesn’t need to, he could hold me down easily, but there’s just this amazing feeling of being in their hands it gives you. We use them even when he’s caged sometimes, and I know I’m in trouble because it means he’s going to tease me like crazy. The reason he does it at the moment is because I’m still not good at telling him to make me cum, so he deliberately edges me until I lose it and get over my inhibition and tell him. Even then sometimes, he makes me say it more forcefully which for some reason is super hot, in that when I do come as I’ve got all dommey about it I cum SO hard!

For him I find it works best with long teasing sessions. With the new cage we have it’s really easy to get off, so now I restrain him and remove the cage (but leave the ring as it keeps him super hard). And then can tease and play and fuck him all while he’s tied up, and then leave him to soften, and put the cage back on, all without releasing him at all. There’s just something super sexy about that. Maybe it’s all the captions that talk about it, but I think the idea he didn’t even get the chance to do it and is locked up again, it’s just yummy.

The other thing it works well with is interrogation play. I guess it just adds to the scenario, as that involves edging him well but also frequent stops to make him confess more when I don’t think he’s admitting it all.

Of course if you’re going to try post orgasm torture it’s basically essential to tie him down!

We don’t tend to use gags much. He likes how they look on me, I’m kind of ambivalent how how he looks, and honestly I like to hear him moan. I just tell him to be quiet if I don’t want him to speak, that’s hotter to my mind.

But we do use blindfolds more often. I like to wear one because the sensory deprivation makes everything else more intense. I like HIM to wear one because I’m still working on my post-babies body and it makes me feel much more relaxed if I’m not worrying about that.

I just noticed that good old Lovehoney have a free vibe worth £19 with the restraints we have, which look like this (sadly that’s not me in the picture, I wish…)

Bondage Boutique Almosta 4Posta Discreet Under Bed Restraint Set

I see it’s also part of the Luxury Bondage Discount deal so worth checking out what else you could get with it and save even more.

The reason I like these ones is the cuff parts are velcro and super comfy but they ALSO clip into the straps. So… with a bit of imagination (and flexibility, I’m quite bendy…) you can actually clip hands AND ankles to the top two straps. To say it’s a feeling of exposed helplessness is something of a understatement lol

But even if you’re not doing that, it’s such fun to turn your bed into a permanently kinky play area when you want it. 

But thanks for the reminder, I need to use them more on him!

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