Saw you response on how chastity has brought you to closer together and a better relationship. How and why did do that? My wife and I are in 60’s. Been married to her for 4 year. Completely celibate. I don’t understand how one partner not able to perform makes it better. Some days I morn the lose of intimacy and sex. Yes I could use viagra. But in my 60’s. My question to myself is why bother. Thank you

In the last 14 days we’ve had sex, maybe 18 times. That’s the point. How many other couples married 15 years with kids can claim that do you think? We sure as hell couldn’t just a few years ago. i’ve cum, maybe 40 times in that period. He’s only cum three times. And there ladies and gentlemen, you have why you should bother exploring chastity play.

No, that’s not typical, we’ll have weeks we do far less, but it’s NOT unusual! The bottom line is caging with tease and denial keeps him horny, happy and focused on me, emotionally and sexually. Why wouldn’t I want to do it? It’s not complicated, we have lots of sex, but most of the time he doesn’t cum! What’s also great is if you do it right you can even make the times you DON’T have sex, sexy! It’s fucking awesome.

You can find the answers to your initial questions in the blog but the short reply is we’ve always been open to trying new things, we finally got past the ‘I’m utterly exhausted by my kids’ phase, and hubby saw a cock cage on Lovehoney when we were buying some other toys and asked me if we should try it for a laugh. Simple as that.

Frankly your message reads like a suicide note to your sex life. Sex and intimacy are a core part of a marriage, but if you can’t even find an answer to why bother then viagra or chastity isn’t going to help you. 

Was it part of the deal you weren’t going to have sex when you married? I can understand it if there’s a medical reason but otherwise you seriously need to be talking to her and finding out what’s going on (instead of writing whiney letters to strangers perhaps). Does she know you’re mourning the lack of intimacy? Or do you just annoy her with passive aggressive shit like this?

From what I’ve seen on forums the majority of couples into chastity are actually 50+, which is awesome! (and must make it relatively unique among kinks). Absolutely no reason to be giving up from that perspective.

I know for sure it’s revitalised our sex life in ways we can’t even believe, but it’s not going to solve anything if you aren’t talking to each other and being honest and vulnerable about how you’re feeling and what you want.


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