Nice to see you posting again!!! Do you ever do much cock and ball torture with hubby?

Hiya, yeah, hope to do more again now the hols are over! (posts that is!)

So, the answer is no, not a lot of ‘CBT’. One thing we did last month that was very intense though was play with deep heat, a menthol rub.

I was just in a wicked mood so I told him I wanted to play a game. I got him to take a viagra and then a hour later restrained him, arms and legs… and then I lubed up his super hard cock and started wanking him, and I set a timer on my phone – he didn’t know how long it was for.

I told him that if he came before the alarm went off, I would ruin him and then  just keep wanking him and give him serious post orgasm torture using his cum. If the alarm sounded I’d give him a lovely big orgasm.

I had a lot of fun I kept edging him, he’d beg me to slow down, to give him a chance. I did, but finally took him over and cupped my hand over the top of his cock so all the cum fell back down on it, and then just wanked him so hard and fast with it he was going crazy, but with the viagra he stayed nice and hard, so I just kept going, and then when it finally started feeling good again, I told him if he came again without permission I’d rub deep heat into his cock and balls.

We’ve played with it before, but this time, because yes, he failed (although I actually let him have it as a nice orgasm) I used way more than before, a good half inch of it, and omg he was in absolute agony. I kind of felt bad but it was so funny too and I lay next to him and cuddled him as his cock and balls were on fire. It took half an hour for the pain to subside, which was way longer than when I’ve done it before, but afterwards he said he loved me actually going through with both the threats, even though it was so intense.

Oh yeah, the alarm was set for an hour, he had no chance lol

So yeah, does that count as cock torture? I guess so! Otherwise smacking it a bit is quite fun but nothing that hurts and besides being in a cage I don’t really do much to his balls, although I was thinking of some kind of ball stretching might be interesting with a cage although I’m not compeltely sure what the point of that is.

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