Hi, My husband and I are newly exploring and I’m not really sure how to pick a good beginners cage for him. Not really sure how to start the process either. We have just started experimenting with me being more dominant in the last couple of months and I often feel like I’m not sure what to do next. We haven’t gotten a cage yet but it’s something we would both like to try, any suggestions? TIA

From our experience that’s an easy one to answer. You want a plastic cage with lots of different ring and spacer size options so you can find what fits him perfectly. Go with the CB6000S or just the CB-6000 if he’s got a large cock. (Or if he’s huge The Curve or so I’ve heard).

You DO NOT want room to grow, that’s the lesson we’ve found. Although it might give hubby an ego boost not to present it saying, ‘Oh darling, I got you the small one’ (although as discussed, weirdly that’s a turn on sometimes) if they do have room to grow it makes it much more painful for night time hard ons and they don’t get the constant ‘snug’ feeling of being encased so much.

We have tried the cheap chinese versions off ebay but found it broke (and pinched his willy, not fun) so I’d highly recommend getting it from someone like Lovehoney below, who sell the proper ones and also offer a year’s money back guarantee – so if you decide you don’t like it, yes, having used it!!! just send it back!



Try it with the biggest ring and spacer and just wear it for an hour or so (he’ll get hard when you even try to put it on first time which is so cute). So leave him to play with the sizing BUT YOU keep the padlock (it stays shut without it anyway) and make sure YOU are the one who first clicks it shut and takes the key, trust me, they LOVE that.

I tend to let hubby put it together as my nails pinch him which isn’t sexy, but even now I try to do the actual click shut. 

PLUS, BUY SILICON LUBE – he needs lube around the ring and inside the cock part to keep it comfortable. Don’t use waterbased lube for this, it’ll just be sticky and horrible. ID Millennium 100% silicon lube from Lovehoney is what we use.

But yeah, let him build up, a few hours, then half a day, then overnight (be prepared to let him out but don’t do it easily, it’ll take a few days of night time pain for his cock to adjust.

Don’t feel like you have to do it all the time. Just use it when you’re in the mood. Mostly we still use it when I’m horny and I fancy having him caged during the day in anticipation of a hot session that evening. And as part of that I’ll have him go down on me at lunchtime as a ‘warm up’!

Then build up from there. It’ll need a good clean every few days, he takes it off, goes to shower and clean it and then I lock him up again. Plus every day he’ll squirt shower gel in and over it and rinse with the shower jet.

We’ve tried some metal cages and they’re fun but we still keep going back to the CB-6000S for every day use. Firstly I love to see his cock encased in it (I don’t get the opaque ones that hide them) and also it’s much lighter – and he can wear it all day long without a problem.

Ultimately the custom metal cage is the way to go he tells me (as they don’t even need to come off to be cleaned) but those are hundreds of pounds and take months to make (although if anyone wants to donate to the cause do let me know! I’d love to surprise him with it) but for now the CB-6000S is great!

I hope that helps, feel free to ask anything you want about other ways to be more dominant too! As a mostly sub woman myself I know how hard that can be but the main thing is just to have lots of fun.

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