Locktober Day 6

It’s all been a bit intense so far so a bit of a quieter day today!

I hope you’ve all set up your private blog as suggested, and today you’re both to post at least ten images you find beautiful and sexy, ten romantic images or quotes that you think the other one will like. You’re also to post at least three images of something you fantasise about that you either would like done to you, or like to do to your partner, feel free to do more than one if you think they’d like more, but don’t pick anything too extreme that will ruin the mood the other ones have created!

I really enjoyed the denial on me yesterday so you can have one licking session from him during the day but no cumming. Come bedtime let him out of the cage, and rub and play with each other slowly as you watch a film or just have some music on, you can have an orgasm after each edge you give him. Try to be directive, tell him what you want him to do to you, where to kiss, rub, suck, what toys to use. And if you have them do try and use a few different toys, perhaps you could review old ones you haven’t used for some time, or that he’s bought that you never got around to, and try them again with a more open mind. Enjoy the whole idea of him responding to whatever you think will feel best, like the most perfect sex toy ever created!

Mean bonus idea: offer him the chance to stay uncaged overnight (no touching though), if he says he wants to be uncaged you say ‘wrong answer, ‘whichever you prefer’ would have got you that’. If he say caged, then just let him do that. If he does let you choose, then choose, choose what YOU WANT, if you think it’s sexier for him to stay caged, or don’t want him having any uncaged time during Locktober, then just keep him caged, he’ll find that a turn on, trust me.

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