Hi, great blog; it’s good to see this theme get more perspective from women. To that end, do you have anything that explains what you personally enjoy about it? A lot of women seem to find it too weird (based on the apparent number of men trying to convince their SO to play in this way), although I would have thought it would be one of the easier ‘kinks’ for women to try out! Anyway, thanks again.

Thank you! I can see why a lot of women would find it weird. I don’t think it’s so much about the cage though, the big issue for a lot of women is the underlying desire by their fella to be submissive to them, which is a whole other mindset.

We got into the cage in the first place because we saw it just as another sex toy, we bought it at the same time as a new vibe and some lube, and hubby just said, ‘I’ve been looking at cock cages, do you think it might be fun to lock my cock up sometime so I can’t get to it?’ And that was it.

So, as I’ve said a few times, hubby is generally dominant (although carefully avoids being an asshole, usually 😛  ) and we’ve been into female orgasm denial for a long time, so the idea of him being denied was quite familiar, in fact we’d do it by consent together sometimes.

So yes, I think my advice to guys would be to TOTALLY hold off any suggestion of submission, and just introduce the cage as a toy to be used, for a day, so that you’re horny in the evening for her. Build up from there to an overnight lock in, and see if she’s into it.

It is only now, that we’re doing our second extended lock up, that I feel the more dominant aspects to it, and those are still gentle, and because I know it turns him on. But yes, yesterday I stepped out of the shower in the morning and lay down on the bed next to hubby and simply said, ‘baby, I want your tongue on my clit, right now’ and he simply smiled and went down between my legs, and made me cum, it was so good. He’s been telling me how hot it is for me to tell him, not ask him, what I want, but I’m only just starting to believe him.

Almost everything we do has originally been his suggestion, so ultimately he’s still very much in control. I just have got to the point over the years where I’ve stopped saying ‘no’ and will always try what he suggests, because he knows me so well and he’s right, even the things I’m not sure about, I almost always end up liking, and sometimes loving.

I also love that he used to watch a lot of porn and masturbate by himself, and even when he’s not caged now, it’s completely transformed his attitude to that, he’s so much more focused on me and thinking about me and being horny for me.

If you are a woman reading this, unsure about whether to try it, I really recommend you just try it like we did, see it as a sex toy that you can mess around with for a day and see if you like it.

In my experience physically seeing your man’s cock in a cage is ridiculously hot, once you get him in it, and if he lays off all the extra submission stuff that might come later, but just enjoy the fact you are truly owning his cock, it’s crazy sexy.

Maybe sometime I’ll write a post aimed at women to explain why you might want to cage your guy, ‘My husband/boyfriend just suggested I put a cock on his cage… what the hell?!!!’ something like that.

Once again thanks to the lovely people telling me they are actually following these Locktober tasks – you know who you are 😛 I’d be really really interested to know, if you are doing this as a couple, or even adapting as a single guy, and haven’t told me, send me a message (anonymous is fine) or reblog with a note, just so I have an idea of who is actually trying this out.

Thank you!!!!

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