Locktober 2018 #22

Go on, indulge yourself!

So tonight is Pamper Night.

Not very complicated really, you get whatever you fancy!

As I suggested yesterday, get him to organise food in whatever way works for you, and then running you a bath is an excellent start.

This isn’t something we’d do but just in case you like the idea and have the privacy required, you being clothed, and him being naked over dinner and afterwards is something that apparently some guys would like the idea of. Not recommended if you’re eating out.

He could join you in the bath or you could send him off to prepare whatever you want afterwards. If you’re feeling mean then telling him to queue up a load of hot chastity captions to your shared blog would be fun.

Maybe the bath is followed by a film of your choise snuggled up together. At some point telling him to go down and lick you during the film sounds like an excellent idea to me. Do feel free to play with his caged cock and nipples as much as you want, but no letting him out, be strong!

After the film, I’m planning on getting a nice foot and back massage (you could do that before the bath too) where he WILL be naked. And then, I’ve got an erotic book I’m reading that I’m going to enjoy while he makes me cum with his hands and mouth.

And that’s it, I’m sure you can adapt to suit your own favourite things. But most importantly just enjoy yourself and note how much more he’s into doing all this when he’s been caged. Frustrating, sure… but there in my experience there is a new and wonderful satisfaction that he takes from pleasing you when you’re keeping him denied and caged.

Isn’t this the best?!!!

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