Locktober 2018 #21

The beginning of the end

So, tonight you’re probably going for some kind of extended lock up, whether that’s a complete lock-up to the end of the month, or a strict one where he’s only allowed out when restrained or for short edging or tasks.

So tonight let’s enjoy some quality time with his cock before it gets locked away again!

It’s Friday night so it might be fun to have some drinks and dress up in something sexy for him for this. Overdo the lipstick a bit, it’s going to end up all over his cock anyway…

If you haven’t done much tying him up then tonight’s going to be a good one for that. So tell him to warm you up, then once you’re ready, get him naked and restrained, cage still on.

You could put some videos on, I found a great selection of one of our favourite videos makers which is just really hot hand and blow jobs:


There are LOADS here, so go through the pages, some have ruins at the end which is brilliant!

So at this point he’s still caged so have some fun playing and licking his caged cock, see if you can make him beg!

Watch the videos together, talk about how big the guy’s cock is, make some comparisons, maybe talk about how hot the girls are (even if you don’t have a lesbian bone in your body, implying you’d ‘do her’ is one of the hottest teases, trust me!). It can be as simple as saying how cute a girl is, or just wondering out loud ‘I wonder what it’d be like to be with her?’ If you have any lesbian fantasies, share them now, or even better, confessions (most of us kissed a girlfriend at some point, right, that wasn’t just me? lol)

So the other reason I wanted to highlight these videos is the position most of the women are in, which is lying down between his legs. Try to copy that. 

If your bed isn’t huge then lying across it diagonally helps!

Then finally unlock him, and start to play. Really take your time. Remind him that he’s going to be locked away, talk about how long it is. Tease it might even be longer if you really like it.

It’s really hot to get a vibe and use it while you play with him. Sometimes just ignore his cock to focus on yourself, just gripping onto him hard.

A few times I’ve deliberately told him to be quiet when he started talking at moments like that, omg it was so fucking sexy! I know, something as simple as that.

If you have a gag you could even put it on him, or shove your panties in his mouth. Just do it for fun, it’s super hot, they’ll love it!

Tell him about the things you’re going to make him do when he’s locked up,

As they get more aroused it’s time to give them a warning:

‘You are not going to cum tonight, if you cum I’m going to ruin it and you will not get out for the rest of the month, is that clear?!

This is the thing with threats like that, you’re making them as part of the game. It doesn’t matter if you stick to it or not over the next week. The threat is just to turn him on even more, and it REALLY works. Trust me, try it!

So now, really it’s up to you what else you want to try. My objective while I lie between his legs will be to get him ‘weeping’ precum.

This comes from a combination of extended teasing, but also it’s build up in the shaft of his cock, so deliberately just stimulate the tip or frenulum for a while and then push up his cock with your fingers around it to squeeze a nice amout of it out and make it weep:.


Once I get to that point there are a few options, some of which are probably a bit of a pushing your boundaries a bit but that’s the whole point of this month, right?

Here is a list of five ideas for you to choose from (or try them all!):

Firstly, face sitting. My huge tip with this is if you’re not comfortable doing it because you worry about ‘the view’ PUT A BLINDFOLD ON HIM! I do almost every time, it just relaxes me about it all and lets me go for it.


What it does is put you in a wonderful position to play with him with your mouth or hand while he enjoys, and you enjoy, him licking you intimately. This of course is the classic 69 position if you lay down flat, and I love to do that, lay down so I can kiss and gently suck his cock while he really goes for it and makes me cum.


Beyond that, while you’re in that position, be brave, press your pussy on his face, let him lick all of it, and yes, shift forward a little and let him lick your bottom too. He will ADORE IT. And it feels AMAZING.


Even better if you grab a vibe and use it while he does that, it’s incredible.

Okay, so second suggestion is cock grinding, straddling him cowgirl style, but with his cock between your pussy lips, not in you, and just riding forwards and back. 


Add lots of lube for fun and a vibe so you can cum while doing it, again, totally awesome. Just don’t get carried away and make him squirt, that’s the danger in this position.


Third, fuck him, we haven’t done enough of that this month! Get his cock in you and enjoy it, but again, don’t let him cum! But you use a vibe,and you can! Just be careful, if he’s close, you cumming with his cock in you might make you squeeze on him hard enough to take him over. Just watch for his reaction…

Fourthly, for mean twist, if you have a strap on, put it on him, tell him you need something bigger… and let him watch you fuck it while his cock strains helplessly below it. 


This is obviously a good moment for some cock size teasing. Tell him how good it feels, how much bigger it is than him, that you can just keep him caged, that you love big cocks now, just, if he’s into it he’ll LOVE all that.

And finally, as a last mind blowing tease, add a bit of anal while you’re up there. Now maybe you do it lots, in which case just go for it cowgirl style. Maybe you’ve not done it at all, in which case simply grinding up and down so the tip of his lubed cock rubs against your bottom may be all you need to do. A bit like this but the other way around:


That actually feels wonderful, but the biggest thing, is you need to tell him. He isn’t sure where his cock is, but you can say stuff like this:

‘Do you know where your cock is right now? Pressing against my arsehole… that, feels nice you know.

‘How’d you think it would feel, pushing in that tight little hole, would you like that?

‘Do you want to fuck me in the arse, baby?

You can reach around and push him harder against it too, or add more lube and use your hand and bottom and butt cheeks to tease him.

If you’ve not done anal much or at all, this will probably count as one of the hottest things you’ve ever done for him, if my experience is anything to go by. So let me encourage you, if that’s all you do, give that a go, for him.

Beyond that… well if you feel like it, you can push his cock head harder against you with your fingers,and see if you can get the tip of him in. Read up on my anal article if you want to try this and don’t have much experience.

Let me warn you now, the emotional and physical mix of all this, especially if anal is something he longs for, might just take him over into orgasm really easily. 

I’d be torn about what to do. If this is a huge deal for him, I’d let him cum. I wouldn’t move, so it’s effectively a ruin, but it’ll be such a rush for him to cum there, I’d let it happen.

Of course, you want to add a soft rebuke, ‘Are you cumming in my arse?! You are so naughty. I warned you what would happen if you came!’ Then if you liked it at all you could add, ‘That was kinda hot, shame your cock’s locked up so much, I could maybe get into anal…’ (He heh I’m so mean).

And once he’s done, gently slide off him and leave him, mind blown, while you go clear up. The easiest way, literally just go to the loo, I won’t go into any more detail but it’s actually a very easy clean up compared to him cumming in your pussy.

When you’re back, give him a wipe with a wet wipe and cage him back up. Get him untied ASAP, and have a big cuddle.

If you manage this without him cumming (now I wrote it I think I want him to cum lol!!!) then well done, that’s it I think, and wow, what a night to remember.

Again, give him a wipe, lube up the cage, and lock it back on before you let him out if you can.

Please note, I think that in this scenario, YOU should put the cage on and lock it if you possibly can. In reality I get him to do this most of the time but especially when starting an extended lock up, or during this week when it’s ‘strict’ rules, I’ll be doing it as much as possible. It’s just a huge turn on for them, that’s the bottom line. Again and again I hear how much they love that simple little step. 

If you can’t get it on them, it’s fine to get their help, for example I can’t get the ring on hubby (but I leave it on for sessions like this mostly as a cock ring) but I’ll do whatever I can, even if it’s just the final click of the lock. 

If you need any more attention, make sure you get it! And then snuggle up and before you go to sleep, tell him he’s to wake you up by going down on you. Seriously, just try it, make him set an alarm, and enjoy a Saturday morning orgasm wake up! it’s going to be a fun ten days!

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