Locktober 2017 – Day 25

Getting to the bottom of it all

So today we’re going to address something that’s a bit taboo to many, and that’s anal play.

The wonderful irony of this is for quite a few of you even discussing anal sex might have been a no-go area. So it’s a lovely twist that only now his poor cock is locked up you might finally be able to broach the topic, and I can promise you if that’s the case then even the smallest hint you’re more open to it will drive him crazy. So even if that’s the only motive, it’s a fun one.

Let me make the case for exploring bumplay (is that a better term than anal, maybe?) and especially for why it works well with chastity play. And bear in mind, I’m primarily talking about just touching and playing on the outside, not even penetration as a focus

  1. Our bottoms are incredibly rich in nerve endings – second only to the clitoris or cock head in terms of our genital area. If you can relax about it then you’ll discover that simply being touched or caressed there feels lovely
  2. With his cock locked away it gives you another area you can tease and stimulate which will keep him horny and excited
  3. There is some kind of connection between the feelings brought on by chastity and the desire in him to stimulate and especially lick your bottom. I do not know why this is but we absolutely have found this to be true. Hubby’s gone from occasionally doing that to tease me to full out desperate to pleasure me there
  4. Along with a chastity cage, a butt plug is the other toy that you can wear and covertly enjoy together as a sexy shared secret. For years that was the main way we used them. We’d be going to some boring event and hubby would suggest I go plugged – and honestly it kept us entertained most of the evenings!
  5. A butt plug acts like a way to accelerate a guy’s horniness when caged, so if i’m in a hurry to get him desperate I’ll get him to wear both
  6. If you have held back on anal sex, finally exploring it together can be incredibly intimate – as long as you do it properly I promise, it’s genuinely pleasurable. I personally went from not even being prepared to talk about it to absolutely loving it quite early on in our marriage.
  7. It never stops feeling naughty, in the best possible way. Whispering ‘Fuck me in the ass’ is unfailingly the single best way to turn him on, every time. Of course now it’s often ‘I wish you were uncaged so you could…

If anal sex is not something you currently do can I first please encourage you to read this post I wrote about it together which has some practical tips and other thoughts on it. Whichever partner isn’t into it (yes it can sometimes be the guy) please just use the chance to talk about it and maybe review where you are with it. Even a small shift in your attitude will mean the world to your partner, I’m sure.



Source: fairchastity.tumblr.com

Okay, with that said, we’re going to do a few more simple Locktober tasks that involve it today.

We have a simple routine which is that if hubby’s interested in anything more than a simple handjob in bed then he will have showered. And as part of that showering he literally soaps and scrubs his bum so he’s squeaky clean. And I do the same. Also if you don’t wax then make sure you’ve recently had a go shaving the area in the shower or bath.

So make sure you’ve done that in preparation.

Have him do a warm up on you (and if you’re nervous about any bumplay but wanting to try it, then a drink to relax you will always help). And this time, as he licks you, just let him rub your bottom with a finger. Remember, no cumming during the warm up!

Your turn now, uncage him (or not if you’re not doing that!), restrain if you fancy it, and then start to stroke him with a lubed hand and involve your mouth if you fancy it.

Talk to him about anal, does it excite him, why, if you do it would he like more, tell him what you think about it, just, as with everything we’re trying, be positive!

Now, you’re going to keep stimulating his cock, and add a lubed finger tip rubbing his bottom too. Just watch how he reacts, try soft teasing strokes, or firmer ones, Try your nail run around it (feels AMAZING). Just have fun seeing how turned on it gets him. Playing with the outside of it is absolutely all you need to do if you’re new to this. I know it takes time to feel comfortable, and rubbing the outside gives them a huge amount of pleasure. Also some guys love the perineum, the bit between their balls and bottom to be stroked and rubbed – you can rub a bit harder there in my experience – it’s kind of like the root of their cock is there, I always like that thought.

If you want to go further and push a finger in (which at this point is more a psychological thrill than about the stimulation in my opinion – we’ll get to proper prostrate massage another time) then you can put a condom or even just a cut off rubber glove finger on, heck you could wear a whole rubber glove if you made it look sexy! But you really don’t need to for just playing outside.

If you’re really enjoying it then using lots of lube and again a condom if you want it, push your finger in his bottom, not deep, just the tip in and out and see how it feels for you both. 

If you prefer to then you can use a toy, a slim dildo etc – just make sure it has a wide base, you do NOT want it disappearing up! 

Just have fun with it! It’s a wonderful way to give him pleasure. We’re not going after the whole prostate thing today, just learning to be relaxed and include bumplay sometimes.

Your turn!

So, when you’ve got bored with that…lol, your turn. CAGE HIM BACK UP NOW or you are going to get fucked, trust me.

In the preparing for Locktober posts I suggested as well as a cage you might want to buy butt plugs. If you did, then the end of your edging him could be inserting that into him. At least suggest it and see what he thinks. It’s a good time as he’ll be all warmed up for it.

Anyway, plugged or not get him to go down on you while you browse tumblr or similar. This is a great place to start:


And another thought from me too:


So, you should have a vibe on hand too, because when you’ve got close, and got up enough confidence if this is new (don’t cum first, you want to be horny as hell to enjoy it the most) you need to turn over on your front, look at him over your shoulder and say ‘lick my ass (or equivalent) till I cum’.

Yes, you really need to say it. Why? Because it turns them on so SO much (I’m repeatedly told). And I can understand that, a nice cute wife or girlfriend telling him to do something so very naughty… hot!

So then, you have a few options. You can help, by rubbing or vibing yourself as he focuses his attention on your bottom. Or you can try him rubbing or vibing you with a hand and you just lie there and enjoy. Or it can actually be quite helpful to pull one cheek over a bit to give him easier access (or both hands for that really slutty porn star feel!). Try different things and see which works for you!

If you’ve got this far then, well done! You’re probably discovering, as we did, that this is one of the hottest and naughtiest things you can share. 

It’s seriously, off the charts.

If you fancy it, try more dirty talk – tell him to lick more, call it your rosebud or butthole or whatever you think is hot, tell him how good it feels, tell him how much you love his cock caged up, even tease him about fucking it, that you’d love it right now if he wasn’t caged, wouldn’t he love to fuck your tight ass, the irony that all the time he wanted to fuck it and now he just gets to lick it (I love that!) etc etc. 

Yes or apparently ‘eat that asshole like it’s a birthday cake…’ is hot! lol


Make sure you cum from rubbing or vibe while you’re being licked, and if you fancy some more, just keep going. Otherwise, well let’s just say you should be prepared for his aching cock pressed hard into you most of the night. Good thing it’s caged huh!

Oh, and if you plugged him, you should probably let him take it out. This time at least…


Well done, if that was your first foray into anal exploration I hope you enjoyed it. It’s of course very optional but I’m obviously very pro (having been very anti) and it works so well with chastity play I consider it a lovely and regular thing to include in our sex life. Plus, now you realise just how good (and naughty) it can feel perhaps you’ll understand all those captions that include it a bit better!

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