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I love to love every inch of my beautiful Princes

If that doesn’t make you want to try him kissing and licking you back there I’m not sure anything will.
So hot…

Until she started locking his cock in a cage Ellie didn’t even know she loved having her husband lick her, there.

That smile… a wife who has her strong husband’s cock all caged and desperate, letting her asshole get licked because she’s discovered how amazing it feels, before he brings her to orgasm as often as she wants.

God bless cock cages!

This was something I was so hesitant about but get him really horny, get yourself really horny, and obviously super clean, and then I dare you to try it. You can’t believe how good it feels, and it’s just the naughtiest thing ever!



Oh wow, I’m not sure we’ve ever tried that position! If you’ve got into analingus (which when I’m feeling super horny and naughty we totally have) then this could be amazing! His fingers reaching around to make me cum, his tongue in the naughtiest of places while my hand and sometimes my mouth give him enough stimulation just to encourage him but not let him cum. 

I love it!

See how ass licking can work in so many different ways. It doesn’t have to be some submissive thing, it can just be because it feels AMAZING!