Locktober 2016 – Day 9

The Ruined Orgasm Challenge

So, in a few days we’re going to try an extended lock up of five days for the first time – little or no release for their cock that whole time. Now we want them pretty horny going into that, so we’ll get a couple of days tease and denial in so that the news they aren’t going to get out for another five really has impact.

That, along with the fact if you’re actually doing this in October today is a Sunday has made me think that today’s a good day to revisit the ruined orgasm. Those balls should be nicely full now, let’s have some fun emptying them!

To do this we’re going to use a variation on a game that I posted early on in this blog – the ruined orgasm challenge! (The whole thing is available here and designed to be done over a week or so)

So I saw this on http://beautifulsecrets42.tumblr.com/ and loved the idea but there were bits of it I didn’t like so I’ve changed some, hope you like my take on it. 

I’ve deliberately left six of them so if you wanted to make it into a game of chance, you can roll the dice to see which one you do. Or you can just work through them, or she picks which she fancies!

The game finishes when he can’t ruin any more or when you’re bored and want him to go down on you to make you cum instead!

If you liked the videos of ruined orgasms you can also revisit that post:


Here are the six variations on a ruin!

1 – Jerk off in front of her and let go of your cock as soon as you start cumming. You can cum on your own belly or on the floor…or if she’s into it onto her face or breasts!

2 – She must edge you with a blowjob. When you start to cum she will let your cock out of her mouth and just watch you squirt.

3 – You must fuck her and ruin your orgasm on her skin, and then lick it up

4 – You must be eating her out, in 69, or sideways 69 or her sitting on your face as she jerks you off, and she is to ruin you as she orgasms herself.

5 – You have to put your legs up on the bed or the wall so your cock is over your mouth and she will wank you and then ruin you directly into your own mouth

6- You must find a way to cum in her mouth with a ruined orgasm (so her BJ, you wank, or she wanks) and then she will kiss you and you share the cum

Thanks to “Teasingfun” who Beautifulsecrets credited for ideas

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