Sex for the keyholder #1

As keyholder, all this male sex and teasing may make you horny. One of the best benefits of having a caged male is his interest in providing you with lots of orgasms. His wish to do this is driven by two powerful forces: 

One is his desire to convince you to get him off. In his mind, giving you an orgasm might put you in the mood to give him one. 

The other reason is more subtle; giving you orgasms is sex and even though he doesn’t get to come, he can still experience the pleasure of giving you orgasms.

Regardless of his state of waiting, feel free to have him provide you with sexual attention whenever you want. But, don’t let him push you into getting more attention than you desire. 

A lot of males will try to deal with their frustration by convincing their keyholders to orgasm frequently. Take sex from him when you want, not when he wants.

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