Non-orgasmic activities #2

Ok, you have him naked and on his back. Remove his cage. Once uncaged, masturbate him. Watch him carefully. If you want, tell him to let you know when he is close. You can tell him that if he has an “accident” he will stay locked with no teasing for a month. Get him to help you, but don’t necessarily believe him in the beginning.

Tease him any way you want. The objective is to get him close to orgasm without letting him get release. Getting him very aroused is just as good as bringing him right to the edge. While he may think it is for his fun, your real objective is to keep those hormones flowing and reminding his body of what it is missing. You can do this over and over as many times as you want. If you keep it up long enough, he will actually lose the ability to come for a while. Just remember, no orgasms until his release date!

When you are done, lock him up again and have him lick or finger you to as many orgasms as you like. 

This basically nails it (although I’d say something like a month but not mean it, just to fuck with him).

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