Make Him Suffer

Many women are to soft on their men when trying chastity. It actually takes quite a lot to really cause him issues, yet many women let their men orgasm or come back out of chastity to often and too easily.

Chastity might get a bit uncomfortable from time to time, chastity might be frustrating for him going weeks/months without orgasm. However, as long as hygiene is maintained, chastity shouldn’t cause him any real trouble.

Chastity in a loving relationship should involve discussion and understanding, but if you keep being soft on him the lifestyle doesn’t work to its best. He needs, and desires, that feeling of helpless abandonment that comes with being locked-up and knowing that you are truly in command and not going to be letting him out or orgasm at every little guilt trip he tries on you.

This is so important. I’m a loving, shy, naturally submissive wife, but I LOVE what chastity has done for our love life and relationship. I know this is true, I need to be stronger, because it makes it better, for both of us. Sexy suffering is hot. Trust me, the meaner you are the more he will love it!

Make him cum less, lock him up more.

Don’t believe me?

Edge him, then ask him, ‘Would you like me to be meaner?’

He’ll say ‘yes’

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