Reverse Faceride

Wonderfully sexy!  This is one of my all-time favorite ways to enjoy my husband’s love and attention.  For my pleasure, his warm, wet, firm tongue feels absolutely fantastic (that’s a given…).  For his pleasure, he gets to feel my pussy convulsing on his mouth – pretty much the most intimate possible way to share my climax with him (a climax that he carefully, lovingly created – he deserves to enjoy it, too!).  But there’s something else that really puts this pose over the top, for me…

My view.

From this position, I can look down and see his entire body.  All of it.  His chest, his nipples, his hips, his cock.  It’s all mine, easily at my fingertips.  I can see every beautiful contraction of his abs.  The rise and fall of his breath.  The strained pulses and glistening leakage of his untouched cock.  His body is my guitar, to pluck and strum, and the music is immediate.  I can pinch his nipples (hard!) and feel him grunt into my clit.  I can run my hands slowly down his stomach and watch his toes curl.  I can stop just short of his manhood and feel the surge of urgency fire up his spine, straight through his mouth, and into me.

There’s no need to touch his cock – I might go the whole ride without touching it once.  I know, with 100% certainty, that simply coming close, teasing his belly and waist while my own hips quake, is more than enough pleasure for him in this position.  How do I know?  The proof is obvious!  His every grunt and moan sends divine, unmistakable tremors directly into my clit.  I can see the continuous stream of precum running down his dick.  His body tells the truth his pride might never admit.  His body tells me he’s happy, right here, exactly like this, nothing less and nothing more.  So I keep him happy.  I relish the view.  And I grind myself to bliss…

I’m always a little nervous about this because I worry about his view (sadly I’m not as skinny as the models in the pic…) – so the easy fix is blindfold him! It completely relaxes me to enjoy face sitting either way around.
Personally I just have to reach out and play with his cock, caged or uncaged. If I’ve let him out I almost always end up sucking him so a pretty classic 69 position. But, of course, I’m not going to let him cum.
Oh god, to be able to lie there, just sucking on him because I LIKE having my mouth full of cock, while he makes me cum with his mouth. It’s so, so good.
If I do leave him caged I tend to be meaner, pulling on his caged cock, getting it hard because it turns me on even more to see it straining at the bars. I’m also more likely to shift forward that little bit and get him licking my bum. I kind of like to tease myself, get right to the edge and then switch from clit to bottom, and then back again a few times.
Right, that’s this evening’s entertainment planned then! lol

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