If you haven’t made him cum from anal stimulation yet I really do recommend you try it. 

It’s quite the game changer. 

Suddenly his orgasms aren’t reliant on his cock any more. This is a massive change for guys. We’re quite used to it with the whole clit/g-spot thing (even if we haven’t cum from both, it’s not a foreign concept). 

But for him to cum, without wanking or fucking, without his cock involved at all… certainly for hubby, actually for us both, it’s an amazing experience.

Of course it also means, he doesn’t need to be allowed out of his cage at all…

It doesn’t have to be done as above, through anal penetration, although it does work well (once he’s got used to it and you use a LOT of lube) and honestly, if you’re into pegging him, the satisfaction from making him cum by it is so incredible!

But another option is a butt plug in him with a vibe pressed against it. It’ll have to be the right size, or one of those prostate massagers specifically designed for it. Then a serious vibe (we use a wand vibrator) worked against it until he cums, or sometimes it’s more like a ruin, where it just flows out of him, known as milking for obvious reasons. It’s very sexy.

I read recently that multiple orgasms are easier for him this way, that’s our next challenge!

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