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You know baby, most of the time I really don’t like it in my bum, I just let you do it because you want it so much. But right now I’d love you to fuck my arse.
What a shame the key’s back at home…

… shame it’s all caged up though. Poor baby.

You know the irony, darling. Caging you up has got me so horny and kinky, that the thought of anal sex is much more exciting than before.
Can you imagine how it’d feel now, your cock in my tight little asshole like this. I bet you can, because it’s so tight in that little cage. Shame that’s where it’s going to stay.

Doing this when he’s freshly showered and made sure to wash up there is very hot. If in doubt a condom on the finger works wonders!
You don’t realise the impact of prostate play on him though, until you watch him cum (or ruin) when you’ve rubbed up there (or a butt plug or vibe up there does the same).
Fountains. Fountains of cum. It’s amazing!

Don’t be shy, all those toys in the drawer… grab one and lube it and shove it in his bum! He’ll thank you for it.

The milkshake boys were kept in strict chastity until their 12 hour work rotas kicked in, when they endured endless stimulation.

Did you ever torture your husband by playing with him anally while caged ? Maybe play nurse and give him an enema or take his rectal temperature ? Use a butt plug on him ?

Well,I wouldn’t class it ‘torture’, he loves it! If done right anal can feel amazing, on guys and girls, but mostly you guys are luckiest because you have the prostate (I guess we do have the g-spot to compensate…). We regularly use butt plugs, I treat them as a way to get him hornier faster if…

Alice was glad her husband didn’t have a bigger penis, when they had anal sex anyway.


His locked up cock is bigger than my husband’s erection. *Sigh*

This such a perfect concept… promising him anal in return for him being locked up. In one fell swoop you’ve become the kinkiest and most teasing woman he could possibly imagine!